As a human, we always look for more than we have, whether in terms of finance or emotions. In understanding the philosophy of life, we fail to understand the ultimate reason behind living. We must acknowledge the importance of growing as an individual,and learn to explore places and art of different lands. This will help us to think upon certain things in life, and can be achieved through travelling.

Travelling has always been like a refreshment to life especially for a schedule a common man has in this modern life. It is important to take a break from all your work and relax. A splendid vacation with your family and friends would be the perfect plan to go for. Before starting, there is check list you must follow before any trip.

  1. Travel Documents

    A must check on all your documents – Passport, Identity Card, Car Documents (if travelling by car), Hotel confirmation, valid currency at the destination and other required documents as per the schedule. These are important because of obvious reasons.

  2. Adventure Bag

    Let’s call this adventure bag, a surprise bag because adventures are never planned. They always surprise us with the excitement and energy. The basic things would be trekking shoes, a rope, suspenders, rock climbing shoes and hooks.

  3. Water and Food

    On a long trip, especially one like a road trip, regular intake of light snacks and water is essential as a precaution to dehydration.More and more intake of water and other fluids such as tang, and rasana are beneficial.

  4. First – Aid and Medicines

    As these trips are full of fun and excitement, at the same time they bring along injuries. For such cases it is necessary to carry the first aid box. Because of the change in weather as the altitude changes, our body goes through changes too. It is important to consult a doctor for same and take his advice for the medicines.

  5. Toiletries

    Travelling is all about instability. It is adviced to carry sanitizers, wet tissues, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen cream (to avoid tanning), insect repellent, umbrella and hand soap (paper soap) because of the mess dirt and dust cause.

  6. Camera

    After all it is all about capturing the moments. It is recommendable not to miss any view worth a shot. Just remember that the cameras you are carrying have enough memory and are fully charged, or take a portable charger along just in case the battery drains out. Later sometime in life, these memories created will be worth sharing and looking at.

  7. Excitement and Energy

    Even if we find life boring, it starts driving us crazy, and trips and travelling is all about fun and excitement. A tip for being energetic is to get sleep prior the trip and feel fresh for the start.

Get your bag packs ready for all the enthusiasm you have been having. It’s time to start all the fun you had been waiting for. Stay safe, keep travelling.

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