The duo with a great success in Indian television is no doubt Kapil Sharma has lived in with Sunil Grover was a big hit, last week the media flooded with the news of separation of Sunil Grover aka Dr. Gulati from the show. The latest Instagram post left fans confused about his rejoining to show. On Sunday he shares a picture while opening a door looking at a mirror with a caption saying “No caption for this picture this time”. But for now, he only knows which door is a new opening whether of a new show or rejoining as Dr.Mashoor Gulati.

How It all Started?

According to the sources, it all started when they were in Australia return flight after a celebrity show that Kapil was drunken sources also adds that he abused and even physically assaulted him, while Sunil tries to keep calm and control the situation later he addressed to quit the show.

Not for the First Time:

This is not for the first time that Kapil and Sunil has been engaged in a controversy  an earlier occasion when the show has been telecasted by Colors TV at that Ali because of not getting a salary hike by Sharma also the producer of the show, Sunil decided to do his show titled MAD IN INDIA on Star plus.

BuaJi aka Upasana Singh re-entry:

Sure everyone miss buaji when the show make Sony TV there new telecast partner but now Sunil, Ali, and Chadhan left the show in lurch, Two weeks later buaji and Raju Shrivastav make their entry to the show as permanent member show maybe the time has come for Kapil to depends on his previous artist we hope for other member re-entries too.

“My first shoot was yesterday. I am shooting today also. I had been in talks for the show for a few days as I wanted some things to be clear. Now, everything is sorted and I am glad to be back with my old team. They have been like a family to me. We share a great equation,” Upasana

On Sunil leaving a show

“Of course, I am missing them on the set. We worked together for years so, it’s natural that I am missing all three of them. Well I am not aware bout the fight between kapil and him and I do not know the reasons behind it but I still hope that he will come back the entertaining way as he used to be. I am hopeful things will be sorted soon and he will return.”

She is back but sadly not as buaji but as a new character on the show on further describing she is playing a role of Kapil relative as tall women married to short men played by Paresh Ganatra and also an another character a man who is in love with her.

I don’t know how big the fight was (between Kapil and Sunil) but I think, he will come back soon.

We all hope for a new start and re-entry of Sunil, Ali, and Chandana soon

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