All of us like to travel and experience new places but most of the times money becomes a hurdle for us. You may have experienced that you could not visit a place because of affordability. Not all of the countries in the world are expensive if you are planning on backpacking. Here is a list of countries that you can visit and maintain your budget.

  1. Sri Lanka-

    Defined as the picture perfect paradise Sri Lanka has a varied heritage with lots of mountains, waterfalls, forests, tea plantations and many other sites that please the eye. Not to forget about the food a backpacker can travel Sri Lanka at 20$ a day. Pricey sightseeing and expensive hotels should be avoided to make the most of Sri Lanka at a low cost. The scenic beauty of Sri Lanka is overwhelming.

  2. Cambodia-

    With its lip smacking food and scenic beauty Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries you can visit under your budget. A regular restaurant meal cost 5$ in Cambodia and you can visit beaches, the famous Angkor Wat, go diving and all so cheap that you won’t be at all burdened.

  3. Vietnam-

    With a great countryside and limestone beaches you can definitely ad Vietnam to your list of affordable countries. You can visit the famous Ha Long Bay and many other beautiful sites at a very cheap rate. At 1$ you can have one of the finest Vietnamese cuisines the country has to offer.

  4. Honduras-

    leaving Costa Rica and Nicaragua behind Honduras is quickly rising to be one of the greatest tourist destinations in Central America. A paradise for budget backpackers a local meal at Honduras costs around 3$. You can visit the great sand beaches, the red sea, and experience the Spanish heritage of Honduras for around 25$ a day. Cheap isn’t it?

  5. Guatemala-

    In a sentence Guatemala look like a paradise. With a scenic beauty so beautiful that t will make you fall for the place Guatemala is a literal paradise for budget backpackers. A local meal at Guatemala is as cheap as 3$. In Guatemala you can experience the Mayan civilisation, awesome wooden sculptures, and it is one of the best places to learn Spanish.

  6. Peru-

    Who hasn’t heard of the great Machu Picchu? Yes, do not forget to add Peru to your budget backpacking list. With travelling costs as low as 6-&$ Peru is a great country to visit with its magical structures and a great place for hiking. Most of the population speaks Spanish therefore keep that in mind.

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