Flowers never go wrong, they bring the special feeling and smile when blooming in our garden or just sitting in vase giving an elegant look to a room. From our Wedding to our last breath they are with us. According to Feng shui designing and decorating our home with flowers shows the sign of providence and truth.

Interior décor tells that a flower can either make or mar the room depending on its shape and size here all that you need to know

Red Flowers

As red is the first color newborn begin to notice it brings the excite for room décor.  For a wide drawing room, it is advisable to use red flowers like red roses or poppy flowers, red make room looks spacious and royal at the same time.

Pastels Colours

Drawing room with narrow space can use pastel color flowers like light pink, white lilies or orchids which give a soothing space to the room. White flowers give the broad look of the room make your bedroom appear big by using white flowers.

Go contrast with vase and flowers

Arranging flowers in quirky style can pop out space, using orange flowers with a red vase, pink flowers with blue vase give the room a vintage look.


Not only in Feng shui it has an importance for a house but it also helps in purify the air .They can be used in any part of the house whether it would be living space, bathrooms to give some life.

Here are some tips to get the arrangement right and last your flower for a longer period of time.

  • Water them as soon as you get them from a market.
  • Cut an inch of the stem before putting them in water in this way they will absorb more water in a better way.
  • Water temp can also matter to flowers, warm water help in closely tight heads of flowers.
  • Most of the florist use foam to stand the flower as per their arrangement but foam not only holds them but also hydrate them. Cut your foam according to your base pre-soak it in water for 15 minutes and then arrange the flowers, but make sure to water the foam every couple of days.
  • Recut stem before changing the water and strip off any leaves below the water line.
  • Leaving enough space in between stem will make sure that individual flower has room to shine .indulge different kind of shapes and stem length.
  • Make a balance between width and height of vase and flowers, make about one or half time taller bouquet than a vase.
  • Using monochromatic flowers will give a different look.
  • Fill in the space between flowers with larger leaves and stem to look them elegant and pretty.
  • Keep away your flower arrangement with direct sunlight and heat vent for their larger life, make sure to cut and fill water in them.
  • Go for fabric flower if you don’t have the time for taking care the flowers, fabric flower will be last longing, washable and come in a large variety.
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