The most commonly and frequently asked question – is your bedroom helping you get a good night sleep? As sleep becomes a much talked about wellness thing, you tend to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. This way room designers and entrepreneurs are getting innovative these days as sleep has become much talked about concept.

From swinging beds to less weighing blankets spread all over your bed to make it soft and cushiony- new room furniture and décor is being changed these days. Keeping in mind the new change and innovation in your personal space, interior designers have invented new, innovative furniture. For a god night sleep or for a nice nap, it is very essential that your personal space or the bedroom has less or minimum furniture. Need to make sure that your room is cluster free.

One of the famous interior designers said “bedroom be the most luxurious and personal space in any home.” So it is utmost important that you beautify your room with cozy cushions and rugs that will make your room look tidy and luxurious. You need to put minimum furniture as you can so that you get maximum out of your personal space. Use colors like light pastel shades for summers and dark shades for winters. Pastel shades would make you room look more clam and cool during the summers. Such colors have calming and soothing effect which will make you relax in your room, making you feel positive. This is an important element of a good night nap.

Create bedroom your personal sanctuary –

  • Add floor lamp or night lamp in your bedroom in order to keep yourself calm and positive.
  • You need a calm environment to sit, relax and sleep better. These days the modern electronic devices used to decorate rooms like pendulum wall clock, digital clock, televisions, etc disturb your sleep. Remove such things from your room in order to get a tight power nap. Put these things away from your room.
  • A good mattress is a good investment for health. If the mattress is too hard or too lumpy, it will always become troublesome to sleep. This will wake you up all night thus making you uncomfortable in your own little space. People complain of neck pain or back ache, due to the simple reason that their mattress is not of good quality. So it is a very good idea to buy a really good mattress for you.
  • Is your air conditioner noisy? You better should get you AC checked before summers sets in so as to make sure that you sleep with no sound.
  • Play soft music to sleep. Lull your self to sleep by playing soft and light music. This would calm and relax your mind and brain.
  • Always keep a small bonsai or a green plant in side your room in any corner. This will eliminate bad or negative energy thus spreading positive energy and also will keep the air pure and clean.
  • Aroma will always activate your senses. Gift your self a light scented room spray/freshener. Spraying room freshener would activate and stimulate your senses and will keep you stress free.
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