Proudly said a being a mom “ i’am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother” as Being a mom is blessing but it’s a big responsibility as well. MOTHERHOOD IS SELFLESSNESS .Being a mother is Magical and you need to be a magician for your child having all the thing of his needs in your bag.

There are noways to be a perfect mother but definitely we are providing you the few ones to be a good one.

Being a mom , there are  some list of things comes in your bag

The milk bottles replaces lipsticks

The diapers replaces comb and hair brushes

The sanitizers replaces the foundation and many more the list is as follows :



Till your baby is potty trained you need a diaper bag. Diaper is must for your bag specially when you are travelling for long hours with your toddler.


The favourite book :

Always carry your baby’s favourite book with you as toddlers get easily frustrated and bored of same place so in order to avoid the inconvenience you should always carry his favourite book in your bag. The pop up books of disney characters, sea animals can prove to be lifesaver for you. 


Baby wipes

The baby wipes are a must for new moms not only for cleaning the mess of your baby but also to clean the seats while using public transport,  shopping trolley, your kids face or sticky hands. So baby wipes should be kept handy and always in your bag.


Burp cloth

Soon after having milk the baby need to burp and while burping they spit up onto the shoulder and back so in order to avoid this mess the moms should always carry a burp cloth in their bags.



Hand sanitizer is must for new moms as it helps in avoidingany kind of infection to your baby. Soon after using the public toilets or before having the meal or touching your baby you should surely make use of hand sanitizer.


Insect repellent

Mosquito repellent is needed when you take your baby to the park for long time this will protect your toddler from bugs bite. Many a times insect repellent proves to be a lifesaver by protecting from malaria and dengue.


Milk bottle

As a new mom when you are traveling for few hours the milk bottle will be basic need for your toddler so you should always leave home with a milk bottle in your bag.


Water bottle

Manya times mom forget the water bottle as they think milk bottle will be sufficient but your baby needs water too so you should always travel with his sipper in your bag.



Many a timeswhen babies cry for oblivious reasons you can divert their attention by showing them their favourite toy which can easily fit in your bag. So when you are planning to travel in public places like malls or garden you should surely keep your toddler’s favourite toy in your bag.


Spare plastic bags

Thespare plastic bag should always be kept handy in your bag for obvious reasons like disposing the diapers or wet clothes.

These are the 10 basics things to be suggested to the new mothers to be kept in their bags for their toddlers.

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