Our home is our sanctuary, a place where we retreat, feel at ease share our good and bad time. Where we feel grounded and centered, often time home doesn’t feel like home due to noisy neighbors, constant visitor, or a disruptive living condition.

Filling your home with positive energy, whatever the situation is .we also came across with people, place or things which fill our pace with happy abundance positive energy.

Here are some little things which you can do to fill your home with positivity

Essential oil diffuser:

Heating essential oil releases their cleaning property into the air, cleaning all negative energy and create a positive ambiance.

Fragrances influence our mood and we can choose them easily according to our smell likings.for example

  • Peppermint oil: releases a tension and relief headache
  • Basil: has protective property
  • Lavender: a well-known calming agent

Clear clutter:

Clearing clutter creates a space to flow positive energy, inspiring and creativity, clutter makes you less productive and depressed.

Start by cleaning the home of all broken things, the things you do not need any longer.A general rule to clean home is to throw away the things that you haven’t touch or make use of it for a year.

Light and Air:

Dim light and stuffy air do impact your mood, dim light slowdowns the energy and make you feel unmotivated.

Open up all the windows in a day time and let the fresh air natural sunlight hit you if you have peeping neighbors use day curtains which doesn’t block lights.

Add indoor plant and flowers to purify the air.

Become positive:

Act positive, feel positive, and think positive because you are the one important energy for your house. Refresh your mood with light music as soon as you enter your house or you feel low

Music makes everything better.

Have positive emotion around you:

  • Play with children be kid again
  • Laugh out loud
  • Be creative
  • Be in touch with your loved ones
  • Enjoy small things in life

Singing bowls and bell:

I am sure you came across with singing bowls whenever you visit Nepal, Bhutan, Himachal Pradesh or any place which has a monastery.

Singing bowl and bells have different frequencies which stimulate different types of energy, they are also believed to balance your left and right brain and reduces stress and relax your mind.

Colorful room:

Give your room a colorful face lift by adding little colorful décor pieces which make you happy whenever you look at it or has a memory attached to it.

Here is some color which has their own impact

  • Orange: boosts energy
  • Red: add peace and tranquillity
  • Green: creates well-being, growth, and clam
  • Yellow: create joy
  • Blue: calming and serene impact like ocean
  • Purple: sense of creativity and luxury

Create a space for relaxation:

Find a corner in your house which brings you happiness and some me time with your coffee and a book, spend time being yourself every day just enjoying this little space.

Fly away from all your worries and enjoy each and every day.

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