Delhi is the capital of India and it has plenty of historic, artistic, culture and spiritual tourist spots on its plate. But you know what; the city also has many trekking spots around it. If you want to take a break for a day or two, you can easily pack your bags for an exciting trekking experience.

So, if you were thinking that Trekking in Delhi is not possible, you need to turn your face around and look. Come on, you cannot simply let go beautiful and thrilling spots just because you don’t know about them. Just explore and find out the most celebrated trekking places for your getaways.

Benog Tibba

Cosily nestled inside the Benog Mountain Quail Sanctuary in Mussoorie, the trek on Benog Hill is off beaten track. Packed with steep slopes, this mountainous terrain is also brimming with camping landscapes.So, if bonfire with friends is on your mind, Benog Tibba trek is going to leave you engrossed. The adventure trail also goes on through vicinity of Kempty Falls, one of the most popular waterfalls in Mussoorie.

Northern face of this Benog Tibba is home to ‘Ghoral’: a rare mountain goat on verge of extermination.This forest gets denser with ascent, and provides lovely panoramic vistas.The trails goingacross cater sufficient challenges, with some difficulty levels gaging from easy to moderate.The place is only at a distance of 300 Kilometres from Delhi and you can make the most of this spot during y your relaxedweekends.You can easily leave on Friday night, spend Saturday night and simply more than half of Sunday in the lush green spot and back to Delhi by Monday Morning!Indeed, a challenging and zesty trip it would be!


Be it the vacation backpackers, nature buffs or the adrenaline fans, Kasauli possesses something for everyone. You can visit the colonial hill station in Solan district in Himachal Pradesh. In case you love trekking then you can easily get into trekking activities at Kasauli.The spot is packed with wonderful sites and lovely spots.It is mapped around 1,900m above sea level. The sleepy hill station provides a wide range of treks that varies from easy, moderate and challenging grades.If you speak of these treks, Kalka, Jabli andGarkhal are some of the amazing treks that must not be skipped while trekking in Kasauli. This hill station is only 287 kilometres from Delhi.

Nag tibba

One of the most celebrated treks near Delhi is the Nag Tibba peak located in the Tehri Garhwal region of the State of Uttarakhand. This trek over the weekend witnesses surging footfalls, and provides amazing views of Bandarpunch, Swargarohini, Gangotri and Kedarnath mountain peaks.What make this place an ideal first trek are relatively smooth routes engraved along mountain. Extremely thick Deodar forests blanket this hill. The luxurious meadows concealed patches behind sites of this route act as peaceful camping sites.This beautiful and thrilling spot is only at a distance of 347 kilometres from the capital of India: Delhi.


So, when are you going to pack your bags for these trekking adventures? Go ahead and grab some fun, pleasure and thrill in near future!

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