Who doesn’t love being greeted with a warm smile? While talking to someone, the teeth are the first part of the body you notice, and no one likes the sight of brown or yellow teeth peeking out of lips at them. First impressions are important, and your teeth help you build first impressions.

Keeping your teeth is important not only for making a good impact; it also helps in keeping them fit. Getting rid of stuck food and marks on the teeth also prevents tooth decay and keeps your teeth healthy. This gives an extra reason to keep your whites clean.

Teeth are essentially a part of the skeleton and hence are basically bones. This is why human teeth can withstand many more chemicals and rough treatment than the other parts of the body. The exterior of teeth, called the Enamel, is made of Calcium and is extremely strong.

Keeping your teeth white has two important aspects – keeping them fit and cleaning them. Both are equally important. If you want to have an impressive set of teeth at your disposal, make sure that you follow the following steps:

  1. Regular cleanups: If you let food particles be stuck in your teeth for long, they will eventually attract bacteria that will feed on the teeth, and in the process, also eat up the enamel of your teeth. Regular cleanup not only gets rid of stains and marks, but also gets rid of the bacteria. The best way to clean your teeth is by brushing twice a day, and using a good toothpaste and mouthwash. This will also keep your breath fresh and get rid of major dental problems.
  2. Avoid decay foods: Sugar does a great job at breaking down the protective shield of teeth even without external help from bacteria. Sugar breaks down the enamel and makes the teeth vulnerable to decay and breakdown. Sugary foods should be restricted to keep your teeth healthy and shiny. Also, do not forget to properly rinse your mouth after eating sweets to get rid of the extra sugar stuck in your mouth.
  3. Tobacco is a big no: Probably the ugliest teeth are a result of consumption of tobacco products. Consumption of tobacco products rots teeth faster than anything else, and leaves a permanent yellowish shade on your tooth, that repels people from a mile away. It also gives you a horrible, stinking breath and significantly weakens your gums. Avoid consumption of tobacco and related products if you do not want your whites to become browns.
  4. Dentist visits: The only person who knows more about your teeth than you is your dentist. Do not procrastinate about going to the dentist if you are serious about oral hygiene. Regular visits to the doctor help you find any potential threats which might impact your teeth later on in your life. Also, in case something happens to your teeth, the dentist will always know the best way to get out of the problem, and the dentist is your best friend when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene.
  5. Strength tests: Your teeth are definitely strong, but that doesn’t mean that they are invincible. Teeth can also be damaged, and teeth do not repair themselves after being broken since they are not made of tissues and cells. Do not try your strength by using your teeth against adverse situations, such as chewing excessively hard food. The best way to have shining white teeth is by ensuring that all of them are still attached to your gums.

Taking care of your teeth is important but is many times neglected by people, and that costs them a lot. With regular care and expert advice, you can ensure that your smile not only lasts longer but is wider and more beautiful than others.

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