I have been reading about Croatia and how beautiful it is on the internet for a very long time. Being an enthusiastic traveler, I recently visited the country, and I can say that whatever I had read on the internet was what I experienced. From my own first-hand experience, I can easily categorize the Croatian Coast as paradise on earth.

Its beaches are beautiful and full of life. The diversity of its culture and the kindness of the local people is

something I can’t fail to mention. In this article, I shall be talking about the exciting things I discovered about Croatia, the general experience I had, what I ate and more importantly the places I visited.

A Visit to Hvar

From what I had read online, Croatia has the most beautiful beaches and Islands in Europe. Even before I booked my air ticket, I already had a list of the most popular Islands in Croatia that I had made up my mind I was going to visit them.Top on my list was Hvar Island which was my first destination. Out of the three Islands that I toured, Hvar was perhaps the longest and the most beautiful.

It has a stretch of about 1kilometer. The island seemed to attract more tourists and especially those who were

interested in parties. The Island is also a home to Stari Grad Plain which I was told is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Island is also a hub of real estate Croatia with many world-class hotels and uniquely designed buildings. Well, there was much more than I enjoyed on this Island but let’s move on to my next destination.


Split was my next destination point, and my local guide informed me that the city had been nicknamed “The Mediterranean Flower” due to its eternal beauty. Split is also the second largest city in the country, and it is located near the Dalmatian Coast. So what makes this town so beautiful? Well, from my tour, I discovered that Split has a historical core of beautiful Gothic and Renaissance architecture that gives it a unique look.

The Diocletian’s palace is the embodiment of this architecture, and it stands in the city center. The complex

ancient Roman Emperor palace is full of activities, and it has a maze of other small buildings which contain cafes, bars, and even shops. There is plenty to see here, and once you are tired, you can head to Bacvice beach for swimming and relaxation.

I Never Though Croatia Can Have Such Delicious Food

Let me tell you one fact, Croatia has incredible food! In fact, I had to inquire about the recipes of some of the delicious food I was served in the Konoba (traditional Croatian restaurants). Most of the meals in the coastal are served with seafood. Some of the traditional food I enjoyed included dried ham, black squid risotto, and the spicy fish stew. There were also lots of traditional Istrian dishes that were always served in Istrian restaurants.

I Also Enjoyed a Cruise in the Adriatic Sea

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea was among the things I enjoyed most on my visit to this country. The sea is relatively shallow with clear and beautiful sky-blue waters. On the day I sailed, the waters were relatively warm which made the sailing more fantastic. Our sea cruise operator advised us to sail late in the day so that we could enjoy the view of the Croatian coast from the middle of the sea through the rays of the beautiful sunset.

The experience is memorable, and no one can afford to miss such a rare opportunity. There are lots of other activities that we engaged in while sailing which can’t be put down on paper. My advice to you is to book a flight and go on a trip of your life in the Adriatic Sea.

I Couldn’t Afford to Miss Visiting The Plitvice and Krka National Parks

From what I had read on the internet, Croatia has eight national parks of which two have been listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.The two are Plitvice and Krka National Parks which prompted me to pay a visit to the two Parks. Both of them are fantastic sites to visit, and you will not want to get out once you are in.

The Parks have beautiful lakes and stunning waterfalls plus other wildlife. The two Parks are indeed unique, and I don’t think any other parks in the world match Plitvice and Krka National Parks

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