Make up is something which you though need on a regular basis but you have to look very careful when you picking up the things.

No matter what season it is, you have to stay hydrated always. Drink at lead 8 glasses of water every day because rainy season is humid. Humidity means one will sweat a lot and they will become dehydrated. So, to prevent that, drinking sufficient water is very necessary. Eat healthy to keep your skin healthy. This is the main thing that one has to keep in mind. Diet always shows in the skin. Have fresh and seasonal fruits everyday and try to eat a lot of fresh vegetables. Avoid oily and road side food the most as they are not good for your stomach. If you do not have a clear digestion process, it will show on your skin.

To take make up in Hindi tips, one can consult beauty sites. It is a good idea to use a peach coloured concealer under their eye in order to look fresh and bright every day. It is best if you have dark circles under your eyes and you want to cover then up before going out. There is an orange tone in this concealer and it can cancel out the darkness under the eyes in a jiffy. Take a little bit of it and use your ring finger to dab it and rub it smooth to get effective results.

Remember, that first of all you have to get a proper base before anything else. Your skin is very important and so you have to be very careful on what base you apply. Take a base which completely suits your skin type and for summers an oil free foundation is a must to be applied on your skin. If you are not sure about your skin type, first consult a dermatologist and then go for the base make up. Getting a foundation for an oily skin can be a tough task. This is because most of the foundations melt quickly and need touch ups every hour. The best way to avoid this problem is to go for powder based foundations.  They do not go heavy on your skin.

The less make up items you apply on your face, the longer it stays intact. Over doing it can spoil everything. Avoid your make up to become greasy and clingy. Try to use a tinted moisturiser and a concealer when you need it.

When you are going for bridal make up one can add some liquid highlighter on the face, so that it may appear very glowing and bright. It also makes a face look a bit shimmery which dazzles under the lights but one never feels that the makeup has been overdone.  Choosing a natural toned bronzer is a very crucial job. One has to pick a bronzer which perfectly matches to their skin tone.

Make up tips Hindi can be easily found in makeup magazines and one can use them as an idea.

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