In the light of above circumstances, if you’re running a hospital or you know someone who is suffering from this disease then you must want to let him get rid of this condition. Now I’m going to discuss the solution which has been discovered by our mastermind scientist. This is all about the artificial leg. When I heard about this new I thought to deliver this news to you. If you’re looking for further info and want to buy then you should search for internet which can sell you at cheap rates. But I don’t know what you will be able to find or not. Well, let’s discuss the main points.

First of all, we will discuss what is claudication, then about its treatment.

What is claudication

Claudication is torment in the calf, thigh or hip muscle that happens after you have strolled a specific separation, for example, a piece or more. The torment stops after you rest for some time. Each time the torment happens, it takes about a similar measure of time for the agony to leave after you quit strolling.

Flowox plastic shoe

A new Shoe made of plastic can be a new ray of hope for millions of patient world. Because it creates vibration inside the leg and increases the flow of blood and can help open closed arteries.

According to initial investigation produced by the vibration of the plastic shoe is increased 40 percent of blood flow in the lower side of legs. After this success is now being tested on humans The Royal Oldham Hospital in Lancashire UK.

This revolutionary shoe is the speed of blood flow through the vibrations in the legs, which is called “FlowOx”. Blood pressure decreases over time with aged people, which known as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

The way in which heart veins store fat, in the same way, the veins of the legs store fat, initially difficulty walking, low flow of blood, and conditions appear to be numbness to the legs.

This disease affects older people and medicines, exercise, Psychotherapy and Bypass Surgery is also done for it. Aspirin is taken to keep those patients’ blood flow.

However, flowox is a very big shoe which is very easy to solve. Two plastic pipes from the shoes are put into the machine that pulls the air out of the shoes and sends again.

Includes oxygen in the blood to change the air pressure and it reaches to the closed artery.

The patient feels his foot swim in the air until calf to the thumb of a foot, during which he has to sit for two hours and the air pressure inside the shoes keeps changing after a few seconds.

Thus the veins of the patient have light generate vibration and blood flow increases. Oxygen starts to reach in the part of the legs.

Last year, it was tested on 23 healthy volunteers in Norway last year, which showed that flowox shoe increases blood flow to 44%. It is now being tested on more than 15 patients.

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