While Dubai is saturated in glitz and glamour, the traditional street food still rule the air-conditioned shopping paradise with futuristic constructs and marvellous skyscrapers. During the past five decades, Dubai emerged as a multicultural hub with signature culinary experiences at every corner that are as diverse as the world itself.

Expats who flocked here aren’t deprived from their typical home cooking as places such as the Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina boast the traditional charm where you can uncover economical yet delectable local eateries. So, take a detour from usual newer developments and shimmering constructs to find one your favourite restaurants in Dubai.


Levant cooking has become a trademark of Arabic restaurants across the city. Zaroob tops all with its oven-fresh, fast-food style on flatbreads, shawarmas and grilled items. The open kitchen and live cooking stations releases the pure Middle Eastern sight and smell of the street market whereas the name “Zaroob” means “small alley”. The green and neon pink lighting complements to the west while distinguishing it from mediocre kebab joints. The interior design gives the feel as if creative work of art students.


Not actually a food or something that belong to the alfresco fast-food chain, the Taiwanese national drink is too delectable and a must try at-least once. For first-timers, infuse in the charm of bubble tea which is a combination of milk or fruit juices and cold tea, topped with tapioca pearls hence the bubbles. Flavour variations are unlimited and offered almost everywhere including level-two of the Dubai Mall at Bubbles & Boba.


Although there’re many different Pakistani restaurants in Dubai, every expat and local knows one most prominent namely Ravi’s. It’s one of the most authentic culinary to sink your teeth in the food that’s nothing less than top-notch. Despite the popularity and eminence, all items in the menu at Ravi’s are downright cheap.


Step in the genuine old town of Deira where the overwhelmingly distinct vibe will take on you. The place gives feeling as if you’ve just landed in Indian Subcontinent but don’t forget that Chinese food’s what you seek and the best here can be found at China Sea on Al Maktoum Street. The restaurant’s decoration complements to a blend of Communist canteen, Chinese New Year and a garden party from the 1960s with wicker furniture. Waiters and waitresses here can speak a little English but for customer’s convenience, menus come with pictures so you can easily get what’s most desired.

North Korean

North Korean cuisine also became prominent in Dubai other than the typical South Korean and the best place to start is Pyongyang Okryu-gwan at the Al Maktoum Street in Deira. Kimchee; barbecued meat is the best recipe to try in the minimalist décor that won’t disappoint you much. Before entering the place, know that Pyongyang Okryu-gwan is a chain of restaurants having affiliations with Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the staff here is typical North Korean hence under constant surveillance.

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