Mopping is one of the household chores that most people are dreading to do as it could be messy, tiring and it requires a lot of time and a lot of hard work that could be exhausting. But this should not always be the case, especially these days wherein technology is slowly taking over our lives, everything can now be done in a short amount of time and that requires less work. You will no longer need to go around your house carrying a water filled bucket nor do you need to rinse and wash a dirty head of a mop.

There are different types of mops that you can choose from, and it would depend on what you need and what suits your everyday life. There are dust mops that are used by those who need to do some touch-ups while they are between their deep cleaning. They can also pick up different pet hair that is found in sofas, beds, car seats and more, but it does not clean much of the sticky and wet spills or any dirt on your hardwood floor.

There are wet mops that has built-in sponge and they are dried by twisting them in order to clean tougher mess and they also have wringing kind of mechanism that can help you control the moisture of the sponge while you are using it. This is highly recommended for those with hardwood floors as they can clean up the floor if they are wet. There are also spray mops that has built-in cleaners plus sprays that are easy to control, thus making it convenient to use.

With those being considered, here are some of the best mops that you can purchase.

  • Microfiber Wholesale Mop

Microfiber Wholesale Mop is one of the most highly recommended mop by professionals who reviewed its features and functions. This reliable mop can clean all kinds of dirt and messes without you having to exert too much work into cleaning. This mop includes two wet pads and it also comes with dust pads. It can be used during your heavy-duty cleaning or you can also use it if you just want a light cleaning. It’s mop head measures around 18 inches that can help you clean your floor faster.

This mop is also known for its durability because it has a stainless-steel material and handle that makes gripping easier and it has an aluminum type of frame that can withstand deep cleaning, scrubbing and daily usage. You can adjust the height of the handle from 4 to 6 feet and it can swivel to a full 360 degrees, this allows you to clean under your furniture, the cabinet sides and other areas that are hard to reach areas. The mop head can be washed using a washing machine and it can be used in all types of floors.

  • O-Cedar Light Mop

The O-Cedar Light mop is more of a lightweight product and is budget-friendly. It is highly recommended for those who find the Microfiber Wholesale mop too heavy to use but still want to get the same cleaning effect. This mop can be used for different kinds of floors, from ceramic, tile and linoleum to marble and even hard wood. This mop can also help you reach the supposed hard to reach area as the mop head is easy to use and maneuver.

The mop material head is absorbent and made out of cloth that is non-woven and that is washable, and you can use it up to 50 times or more. The material that this mop head is made of can soak up water without the risk of dripping. This can also be used with a bucket that is a wringer type for easy and fast cleaning.

  • Swiffer Spray Mop

The Swiffer Spray Mop is the most recommended spray mop on the marketplace, it has gotten great reviews because of its effectiveness and its durability. This mop makes cleaning easy and convenient because you do not need to use any bucket, which makes it ideal for those who have hard flooring. The package includes the mop, five mop pads and a bottle of cleaning solution that measures 50 milliliter that you can spray on the hard floor to get rid of all the dust, dirt and other mess.

This mop has two types of mop pads that are disposable, it has an original pad that is made for lighter cleaning duty and cleaning pads that are made with scrubber that is ideal for dirtier areas. They also offer refills for their cleaning solution and they are budget-friendly. This mop is easy to use since the pads that are attached to the head with a Velcro, the cleaning solution that is included in the package is easy to use and spray since there is a button that you can press on the top of the handle.

  • O-Cedar Microfiber Spin

When it comes to spinning mops, O-Cedar Microfiber Spin is the hailed as the best on the market. A bucket is included in the package as well as a hand-free, built-in wringer that is convenient and easy to use. This can be maneuvered using a built-in foot pedal and you can spin the mop to leave moisture for hard to clean areas. This mop can be used in different kinds of hard floors, even the wooden ones.

This microfiber spin mop can be used for wet floors or dry floors, depending on what you need. It has a triangular shape that makes it easier for you to clean corners. You can wash the mop head using a washer and you can refill them in a low cost, thus not hurting your budget. It is recommended to replace it every six months as it is the estimated time that it will wear off. The bucket has a splash guard that makes it easier to spin and spray, the handle of the mop can lay flat so that it will be easier for you to clean the sides of your cabinets and under your furniture, it is also easy to maneuver.

  • Casabella Mop

Casabella Mop is simple and convenient to use, it is a sponge mop that can clean even the toughest mess in any corner of your home, it can even be used on hard to reach areas. This mop is hailed as one of the best mops by professionals who rated the mop based on its feature, effectiveness, convenience and durability. It is sturdy, and it can withstand years of daily and heavy-duty use.

The stainless, sturdy steel is easy to pull, and it levers so it lets you squeeze out the water and dirt off of the sponge head. The built-in mop head is made out of cellulose sponge that measures up to 10 inches, and it they wore out, it is easy to replace it.

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