There is hardly a person living in this world who would not heard of Paulo Coelho. This is one of the most popular modern writers. Below, you will find 9 pieces of advice given by this outstanding person and who knows, maybe they will come in useful for you.

  1. Avoid museums. This advice might seem to be rather absurd but let us think. If you turn out to be in another city, is not it more interesting to look for the present instead of the past? It seems as if people feel like they should visit museums, because this is what they were taught from the early childhood that it is what a traveling is all about. Of course, museums are important but visiting takes time and objectivity. You have to know what you are about to see, otherwise you are going to come out there with a feeling that you saw a few truly fundamental things but you are going to be unable to restore in your memory what are they.

  2. Drop by bars. Bars are the places where life in the city opens up. Not night clubs but places where random people have a drink, talk about weather, and are always ready for communication. Get a newspaper and enjoy seeing coming and leaving people. If someone starts up a conversation with you, even shapeless one, join in – you cannot judge on the beauty of the way just looking at the gate.

  3. Be open. The best guide is the one who lives here, knows everything about the place, is proud of one`s city, but not working for an agency. Go outside, choose a person, you want to talk with, and ask a question (where is the temple situated or a post office). If nothing works out, try with someone else. You will find a great companion by the end of the day for sure. Guaranteed.

  4. Try to travel on your own or if you are married, with your spouse. It is going to be a hard work, no one is going to take care of you there but this is the only way to leave your country behind. Traveling through another country in a group, speak your native language, doing what the manager of your group tells you to do, you will pay more attention to the rumors within the group, than a place you visit.

  5. Do not compare. Do not compare anything – prices, hygiene standards, quality of life, vehicles, nothing! You travel not for proving that you are better than the rest. Your goal is to find out how other people live, what they can teach you, how they behave themselves in real and extraordinary situations.

  6. You see, everybody understands you even if you do not talk foreign language, do not be afraid. The writer himself was to many places where he could not speak in words but has always found support, guidelines, useful tips, and even girlfriends. Some people think that if they travel on their own and going down the street, they might get lost. Just make sure you have your hotel business card in the pocket and, if it comes to the pinch, catch a cab and show it to the driver.

  7. Do not buy too many things. Spend your money on things you do not have to carry – good game tickets, restaurants, excursions. At the present time, with a global economy and Internet, you can get anything you want without charging for exbag.

  8. Do not attempt to see the word in a matter of a month. It is far better to stay in the city for 4-5 days than to visit five cities in a week. A city is like a perverse woman, who needs time to seduce her and to let open up entirely.

  9. Traveling is an adventure. Henry Miller said that it is more important to find a church no one has never heard of than to go to Rome and feel like you should visit Sistine Chapel with two hundreds of other tourists shouting right into your ears. Visit Sistine Chapel but do not forget to roam the streets, explore side streets, feel freedom in search for something, something you do not know of but if you find it, you may be sure that it is going to change your life.Resume Perk Writers

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