Morocco Holidays all inclusive

If you are traveling to Casablanca in Morocco and you are planning on taking a cruise to Casablanca’s port, it is definitely a good idea. You can feel the cold breezes coming from the Mediterranean Sea and the golden sun shining upon you. The weather mostly in Casablanca is hot and you have to walk 1000 to 1250 meters, mainly depending on where you docked. But due to the hot weather most of the time in the year you probably should take a ride which can be booked in 10 Euros or less. Everybody wants to have Holidays to Morocco and visit the urban landscape of this famed city.

Casablanca holds the largest port in the Maghreb. You can book any cruise that meets the requirements of your budget perfectly to have a pleasing journey to Casablanca through the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The distance from the port to any specific point in Casablanca chiefly depends on the point where your cruise docked. It is considered by many that Casablanca craves up the vision of an exotic city. But in reality, Casablanca is much more complexed, fascinating and intriguing than the fantasy of films. Casablanca is also considered to be the busiest port in North Africa, which tells us just how many people visit this place of wonders every year. You can say that Casablanca is an expressive blend of the more new era than the old one, and this place is more familiar than exotic. All in all, Casablanca is a modern city with old heart and narrow-cobbled alleys and minarets and medinas.

Casablanca is the capital of Morocco and the city that attracts most of the visitors by the beauty this breath-taking city holds in itself. Casablanca is a city with mixed cultures, that blended beautiful to make this city be one of the most visited places in the world. You can see some of the western culture and some of the eastern culture mixed to give birth to a place of wonders.

The most obvious and not to be missed site in the whole Casablanca is the Mosque Hassan II. This Mosque was built in the late 20th century and almost 3000 Moroccan craftsmen helped built this masterpiece. This work of art also has the world’s highest minaret that is soaring over 600 meters above the city. There is a place between the port of the Casablanca and the Mosque Hassan II, which is known as Old Medina. Inside Old Medina, you will find narrow alleys that are lined with stalls and small shops that are selling pottery, food, traditional caftans, clothes, jewelry, local crafts, and leatherwear. Fez (or Fes) is without a doubt the most historic and ancient of Morocco’s four imperial cities.

After a day-long expedition, your journey will take you to the focal point of this opulent city. Here you can see the ancient Medina Fés El Bali, which is a market where each souk is devoted to a special craft. The Mellah, an antique Jewish Quarter. The Dar Batha Museum, which lineaments an astonishing display of fez blue Moroccan pottery. And the grand Medersa Attarine, a 14th-century teaching center, that is furnished with beautiful tiles, mosaics, stucco, and carvings.

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