In August, 2017, I was granted a paid leave in my office and I decided to visit Croatia. Croatia is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe. What influenced my visit to Croatia is the several positive reviews that I have read on the internet and the beautiful pictures of the country.

The first place I visited in Croatia was the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The location is two hours by bus from Zagreb and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Plitvice Lakes is the only natural UNESCO World Heritage site in Croatia. The park is the most visited location in Croatia and offers a great opportunity for sightseeing. There are eight different hiking routes at the park. I took the longest route. When I got tired, I got on a bus for the rest of the journey. I also had coffee at a cafe at the park. The taste was amazing.
One thing that I can never forget about the Plitvice Lakes National Park is that it provided an amazing photo opportunity for me at virtually every corner. Moreover, there were so many people there on the day that I visited. Returning from the mountain climb was the most gorgeous part of my Plitvice Lakes adventure. Although I was trying to find my way among hundreds of people, the journey downhill was very gorgeous.
On my second day in Croatia, I visited Skradin, a locality very close to River Krka. Skradin is at the center of the National Park Krka and the best place to enjoy Croatia sailing. I sailed throughout the day in Skradin. Moreover, there are several restaurants in Skradin that offer fresh fishes caught by fishermen. I will always remember the taste of the delicious dishes in Skradin’s restaurants.
During my holiday in Croatia, I also visited Trogir. Trogir is a port town about 27km from Split and an amazing sailing destination, I spent the whole day sailing in Trogir. When I left Trogir, my next point of call was Split. Split is an ancient city in Croatia. I visited the ancient palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The palace today is the center of Split’s everyday life. I also had a great time walking through the city, discovering Split’s neighborhoods. I would never forget my experience in Bacvice, a neighborhood very close to the beach. Bacvice is all about watersport. Moreover, the local restaurants serve great food. I also visited the Split Stadium where I watched a soccer game and cheered players on.
After staying in Split for several days and enjoying the city, I visited Zadar, a historic and popular city in Croatia. My first point of call in Zadar was the historic and popular sea organ. I had an amazing experience there that I would never forget. I also had a little sailing in Zadar, because the city is very close to the Adriatic sea. I also visited Fosa Zadar, where there is plenty of exceptional seafood to indulge in. The Fosa Zadar overlooks the Fosa Port. The Fosa Zadar is the best place to enjoy dinner while you watch the ships come and go.
Croatia is a very beautiful country that offers amazing and memorable experiences. Whenever I have the opportunity to go on vacation in Europe again, I will visit Croatia.
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