Do you know about the health issues that your King Charles spaniel might have in the future? Don’t worry, because you can protect your dog with some good insurance.

There is only a very small chance that you will need to use this insurance, because most spaniels lead happy and healthy lives that are full of playfulness.

Which health problems affect King Charles spaniels?

Poor Eyesight –painless surgery for spaniels can treat cataracts and glaucoma

Dislocated Kneecap – a vet will make sure that the dog’s kneecap is put back in place

Heart Issues–medication improves heart issues that your dog is experiencing

Spinal Cord Cysts – a spanielcan walk and run again after a cyst is removed from its spine

You need to learn about all of these conditions so that you are able to spot the warning signs. Read the rest of this article about spaniel health problems.

Poor Eyesight

  • Once you have bought some Cavalier King Charles Spaniel insurance, a vet is able to remove cataracts from your spaniel’s eye and repair its corneas in a very short space of time.
  • After the operation your spaniel’s eyesight is going to improve rapidly, so you are going to be thrilled when the dog can see properly again and regains its confidence.

Dislocated Kneecaps

  • Don’t worry if your spaniel has dislocated its kneecap because the local vet can perform a simple and painless procedure to make sure that the kneecap is put back in place.
  • After the surgery is finished, yourdog will be able to walk and run without any discomfort at all, which means you will feel a huge sense of relief.

Heart Issues

  • Mitral valve disease can be detected thanks to the following symptoms: spaniels start coughing, their breath become ragged and they become lethargic. Medication should be prescribed by a vet to deal with this issue so that your dog returns to full health.
  • The vet will check your spaniel to see whether it is suffering from an irregular heartbeat, which is common in older dogs, but a healthy spaniel is not going to be affected at all.

Spinal Cord Cysts

  • Cysts that form on the spine of the spaniel can potentially cause paralysis, so you have to think about choosing some insurance that covers spinal operations. After the operation is over, your dog needs some time to recuperate at home and it may be a while until the spaniel walks again.

Check your spaniel on a regular basis to make sure that it is completely healthy, and make sure that you know how to recognise symptoms.

Anything from eye trouble to spinal cord cysts should bedealt with by a fully-qualified vet. Choose an insurance policy which is comprehensive because this could potentially save the spaniel’s life. After the treatment has been carried out, the spaniel will return to its old self and they can live life to the full!

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