If you are planning to go on a holiday, Croatian Islands should be on top of your list. The country is home to beautiful and stunning Islands which are best for Island hoping destination or for a holiday. The country boasts of impressive Adriatic coastline, explaining the reason why many tourists chose Croatia as a holiday destination. There are nearly a thousand Islands in Croatia with the best attraction sites, unique sceneries, and rich cultural history. They are easy to access and offer an exciting holiday experience with its stunning features and natural landmarks. With Croatia boasting of the best Islands in the region, you will be spoiled for choice deciding which island to spend your next holiday on. Among the best five islands in Croatia to spend a holiday include:

Island Korcula

It is the sixth-largest Adriatic Island with small sandy beaches that are best for sunbathing and many other fun activities. The island is rich in Olive groves and vineyards which make the island look stunning. The island is home to historic sites that include Revelin tower, Marco Polo House, Tower of Sea Gate, and many others. You can also visit other amazing sites like Park Foretic, Vela Przina Beach, and the Pupnatska Luka Beach.

Island Vis

If you are a wine lover, then your next holiday trip should be Island Vis. The Island is well-known for its white wine and has appealing restaurants and hotels that offer fabulous fresh seafood. The island was used as a military base for Yugoslav army that drove away commercial developers from the island. There are beautiful old stone buildings that are attractive and amazing to look at. Tourists can visit The Green and Blue Grotto, Archeological museums, the amazing Komiza village and the most beautiful Srebrna beach also known as “silver beach”.

Island Hvar

Island Hvar is famous for its Venetian-style architecture which looks spectacular and attracts many tourists. At the island, you will get a chance to discover the captivating history of Stari Grad which dates back to 385BC. Island Hvar has a vibrant nightlife with a number of high-end nightclubs that attract celebrities ranging from renowned musicians to movie stars. You will definitely spot or even meet a famous celebrity during your holiday on island Hvar.

Island Brac

Island Brac is home to outstanding sights and glamorous beaches. It is famous for its fig trees and rolling hills that is amazing to look at. There are cozy hotels that will offer the best accommodation and restaurants that prepare finger-licking dishes. Your trip to Brac will not be complete until you visit the Vidova Gora Mountain which has stunning views and is the highest peak on the Island.

Island Krk

Krk is the largest Island in Croatia and has impressive sandy beaches which are a must visit. The island can be easily accessed through a bridge and is famous for wildlife. You can walk through the island as you admire the Mother Nature and get to see varieties of wildlife. The Island has a number of villages and towns that are worth exploring.

With these amazing islands as fabulous holiday destinations, you will no doubt have the benefit of truly enjoying your holiday. Real estate market on these islands also offers great opportunities for buying a property in Croatia.  Choosing these islands for your holiday is the best way to experience simplicity, unspoiled natural beauty and the cultural diversity of Croatia.

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