The carpets are too costly to be widely used on the entrances and other parts of a building, where these floor covers are more likely to be soiled easily. So, the use of carpet matsis the best option that can be used on the doorways and other areas of the house with higher traffic.  There are many companies now that manufactured these carpet floor mats to be used at the houses, as well as on car floors. These mats are even preferred over the rubber mats, even if the rubber mats are much cheaper than the ones made of carpet fibres.

Prominent facilities of using carpet mats over the floors

High durability – The carpet floor mats are made of very firm synthetic carpet fibers, like acrylic and PET polyester, that are not easily damaged even under the high stress. Hence, the carpet mats are guaranteed to last for many years. Moreover, these mats are provided with strong vinyl backing that provide further support and make these fibers of the mats completely waterproof. The PET polyester fibers are often obtained from the recycling of the used soft drink bottles made of plastic.

Beautifies the indoor – The carpet floor mats are made of beautiful colors and attractive designs that beautify the interior decor of the homes and offices. The commercial mats may be adorned with the company logos that advertise about the company’s identity, while the domestic mats may be customized with special messages or patterns for impressing the guests. Mostly the designs used on these carpet mats are as pretty as the ones used on branded woollen carpets. The option of personification helps in making these mats more unique in nature, with beautiful color combination of colored poly fibers.


Keep the interiors cleaner – The carpet floor mats are specially created to scrape off all the dirt and moist soil from the shoe soles of the people walking in the indoor areas. Thus, the floor surfaces or the interior carpets are saved from the ugly marks of muddy and dusty footprints, as these carpets clean the shoes absolutely. This feature is more useful during the rainy season, when the entry of mud and excess moisture is otherwise more commonly seen. These mats are also rapidly used in sandy areas to keep the indoors cleaner from the entry of huge amounts of sand particles with the shoes of visitors.

Prevents accidents of slipping off – The carpet fibers are designed for absorbing the excess moisture from the floor surfaces. Thus, people walking over the floors are saved from the dangers of slipping off on the wet surfaces, which could cause severe physical injuries to them. Hence, this feature of slip resistance is used in the areas where the chance of spilling liquids on the floor is more common, like the pantries or kitchens. The waterproof layer of urethane and the nylon fibers also help in drying the carpet matsfaster. Thus, these mats are more used in the places that experiences heavy rainfall and snowfall.

Hence, people often replace their usual mats to these carpet floor mats with logos, to prevent accidents even in the factories and warehouses. Some people also do an embroidery of their own initials or any favorite name on their mats. The slip resistance quality is highly useful for the aged people and the children of the house. However, it is better to buy carpet mats only from the reputed brands that are known to provide only the best quality products.

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