There were the good old times, when your ancestors lived in houses among green fields and trees. Then came the cities, and now artificial gardens in the form of parks are created. In homes and apartments, you find small plants in pots giving the appearance of gardens. But do you know there are some countries where residents take pride in growing gardens? You can take, for example, the residents of Britain. They spend a fortune on their garden. But as per human psychology, it is well-known that gardens always add beauty to any home.

But look at the recent changes in towns and urban cities today. In cities such as Hyderabad, even if you find a tiny space, builders will build apartments. So where is the place for gardens? But hope is still available. It depends on your passion. If you have a big site in Hyderabad and want to build a home, ensure that you seek the services of a qualified civil engineer. Tell him that you need a garden in your home. He will design accordingly. But do you know that there are various types of gardens? Read the article to know the details.

Types of Gardens

A skilled gardener knows the exact garden for your home. He can design as per your wishes, but he will also educate you on materials, climate etc. Even a small space of land can be turned into a simple beautiful garden, provided every plant is given opportunity to grow naturally.

  • Flower Gardens

There are various types of flower plants, but in gardening, the principles and basic planning will be the same. In a flower garden, you normally find shrubs and trees. First the gardener will plant these plants and weave the annuals, herbaceous plants and bulbs around them. A skilled gardener will make this garden a wonder of colorful flower plants.

  • Woodland gardens

Have you seen the wilderness in movies and images? The garden will bring a similar feel. Paths will go haphazard and will consist of grass or mulch. The trees will be thin and will consist of magnolia, maple, daffodil or epimedium.

  • Rock gardens

The title conveys the meaning. They look similar to a rocky slope or rocky hillside. The gardener can add rocks to give the familiar appearance. Usually, boulders are preferred as they can convey the experience more than a number of small rocks. Do you know there are plants which can grow among the cracks? NO. Do not worry. The gardener will plants accordingly.

  • Water Gardens

Regarded as the oldest type, the ancient records are found in Egypt. Usually, the gardens are circular or rectangular or circular. Regardless of shape, they will have a fountain at the middle. Originally made in pools, designing the water garden will be a challenge. The gardener has to select flowers and small trees that can grow in water or near the water. Also, if you want fish in the water, the plants should generate oxygen.

  • Herb/Vegetable Garden

At present, herb gardens are found in private properties or in colleges having courses for alternative healing. So, you can find many types of herbs such as thyme, rosemary, parsley, dill, marjoram and fennel.

  • Roof Gardens

In olden times, houses were triangular in shape and resembled a pyramid. But the changes in architecture have led to the development of roof gardens in commercial buildings. The plants are grown in small beds.


Information has been given on only a few types of garden in this article. But there are other types such as scented gardens. Do you have a home in Hyderabad? Are you interested to have a garden in your large outdoor space? Do not worry. There are many  companies in Hyderabad who offer doorstep services. They also have skilled professional gardeners who can offer the best gardening services in Hyderabad.

It is very easy to book a service with these companies. All you have to do is to download their app and install in your mobile. Then search for the specific gardening service and book a request. You can also schedule the time for appointment as per your convenience. Before the scheduled date, you will get a call from the selected gardener about the requirement. After you give the information, the concerned gardener will come to your house for inspection. Then he will give a quotation. After your approval, he will start work on the project. Kindly note there will be no hidden charges in the bill.

So have you decided on the type of garden that needs to be designed in your new home? Hope the information in this article has helped you. Stay in touch by subscribing to our email.

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