Greece is a home for spectacular natural beauty, gourmet flavors, beautiful beaches, cultural diversity, and a long history. It is the ideal destination to have an unforgettable holiday experience and unearth your personal paradise. The country offers a broad range of high-end boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and private villas. The accommodation facilities come with private Jacuzzis and well-designed pools that give visitors an amazing view of the Aegean Sea. Below are tips on how to make your holiday in Greece memorable.

1. Enjoy Greek dishes and drinks

 Traditional Greek recipes consist of scrumptious blends of seafood, mouthwatering cheeses, bread and pasta, and aromatic spices. The country has some of the tastiest salads in the word. Capitalize on internationally recognized Greek hospitality available in many restaurants irrespective of their size. Visit the lively nightclubs available across the country and order a local barreled wine or fiery spirits like tsipouro and Ouzo.

2. Explore the mainland

Greece has a lot to offer besides its islands, especially when it comes to the mainland. The mainland has a wide array of attractions, including the Pindos Mountain range and bare golden beaches strategically located in the western Peloponnese. It also has numerous archaeological sites. The KTEL bus network has made traveling from one town to another and even between villages easy and inexpensive. Additionally, the limited but affordable national rail services will help you access various destinations with ease.

3. Go island hopping

The best way to explore the various islands in Greece and discover new ones is to sail Greece. Many reliable ferry services can make your Greece sailing adventure enjoyable, especially during the warmer months. The popular islands that you should consider visiting during your holiday in Greece include the Dodecanese, the Cyclades, and the Ionians.

4. Visit Athens

Athens is among the oldest cities across the globe and the capital of Greece. Its history spans over 3400 years. In this city, you will see beautiful architectural designs of both historical and modern buildings.

5. Take simple hikes

Due to its natural beauty, especially along its many coastlines, Greece is a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts. Through simple hikes, you can explore wonderful scenes of turquoise bays and beaches. While hiking, you will see cruise ships and fishing boats moving smoothly in and out of harbors on the many islands spread across the Aegean Sea in Greece.

6. Accord utmost respect to the Greek culture

Most youthful Greeks consider themselves as liberal and modern. However, the older generation has chosen to remain conservative, and the Orthodox Church is still influential. Nudity is tolerated only in some designated beaches. Therefore, you should wear appropriate clothing when visiting monasteries and churches.

7. Plan your holiday in advance

Don’t wait until summer approaches to book hotel rooms since most of the perfect rooms will be reserved. During summers, popular islands are crowded and finding an affordable accommodation facility can be a challenging task. You can avoid the crowds and reduce your expenditure on accommodation by touring the lesser-known islands.
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