Living in a urban city such as Pune? Do you find here the temperature hot? Then it is best to opt for an AC in your home. Do you know, air filters are mandatory for the smooth functioning of the system? They are the prime reasons for keeping the dust out of the home. They also provide pure, cool air. The coil of the air conditioning unit has fins that touch the refrigerant tubes. You get a lot of dirt and dust in these fins. It is air filters that prevent grime and dust from building up on a large amount in these coils.

Importance of Changing Your Air Filters

  • An old and dirty air filter gives the negative impact on system. So, you get two negatives. The air does not cool the area, and it also affects the air quality inside the house or room. If you have family elders suffering from allergies and asthma, their health is at risk.


  • Agreed, air filters are not respected parts of many ac appliances. But a look every three months and proper maintenance gives many benefits. They prevent pollen and dust from making an entry to the indoor quality of air. But unless cleaned, the same air filter can become your worst enemy. When the filter catches pollutants, then the accumulation of dust becomes denser. The hot air or cool air (in times of winter) cannot flow from the appliance. The system has the risk of becoming frozen. There may be also a problem of overheating. The electricity bills may come high, but there will be no changes in the temperature.


  • A dirty air filter will use more energy than a clean one, and the result will be a hike in electricity bills. As per a estimate, a clean air filter can save fifteen percent of the electricity bill costs.


  • In a dirty air filter system, there may be poisonous gases released to the atmosphere. A cause for global warming. Going green is the best way to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the home.


  • When dust accumulates, it can also provide a conducive environment for moisture. So, the mold or bacteria will find a favorable growth. If grown in the inside side of the filter, pollutants and allergens get introduced to the indoor air.


  • It is mandatory to schedule a maintenance check for your AC at least every three months. That too, if you live in a city such as Pune. Agreed, changing the air filters is an easy task. But it is better to have the entire appliance checked before summer begins. And the inspection should involve parts such as refrigerant lines, duct work, indoor unit and outdoor cabinet.


  • You can check the instructions of the manufacturer. This will help you determine the filter size (required). It also helps in the range of MERC (minimum efficiency reporting value).


  • A qualified AC repair technician will also check the condenser as well compressor unit. Common simple problems are electrical disconnect, condition of fan blade and cabinet, cabinet, condition of the refrigerant lines etc.


  • Air filter is like changing the oil in your car. You can experience more technical issues such as a freon leak. Even the components may get ruined such as compressor. The result you end up with a expensive AC repair job. To note the similarities in the human body, the evaporator coil is the lung of AC, then the compressor is the heart.



Please note that filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In some brands and sizes there will be scope for only replacement. You can also get washable air filters. But both have many benefits, and they have one common factor, maintenance.

Most often, the maintenance of an air-conditioner just needs an air filter service. The prices of air filters depend on the tasks they do. If you have bought a cheap air filter, they will trap only the larger particles. The expensive filters can trap even the smaller particles. Many of the AC owners give scant respect to their air filters because of lack of knowledge. Second, they find it will be too time consuming. And, some put it off, because they want to have a complete check every three months. So, how will you select for the best repair technician for AC service in Pune? The search has become very easy in the past half a decade. A new bunch of companies have emerged in Pune. They offer home maintenance services at the customer’s doorstep. All you have to do is to download their app, install in your mobile. Then place a request for the specific service as per your convenience. These companies conduct background verification for all the AC repair technicians. On the scheduled day, the concerned technician will come to your house at the scheduled time. He will conduct an inspection and submit a quotation. If you approve of the charges in the quotation, he will service the appliance and restore the appliance back to normal. Have we missed a valuable point regarding importance of air filters? Then feel free to drop a review in the comments section.

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