What do you look for when buying a saree? The design, the fabric, the comfort, the price? There are so many factors and parameters that need to be considered while buying sarees, especially designer sarees for special occasions, events or for gifting. Traditional sarees are mostly silk or cotton as in natural fibres in their purest form. But, with time, these fabrics have become expensive and the hand weaving techniques have also faded away.

Now, we see a lot of hybrid fabrics which have been created by blending pure fabrics with cheaper fabrics to bring down the end product cost. Also, machine weaving is used to lower production cost. That is why we now have something called ‘eco-friendly fabrics.’

With the growing concern over environmental issues and the need for conserving Mother Nature, everything around us is guided by eco-friendly thought processes. Hence, eco-friendly sarees are the latest addition to our fashion industry. You will find the latest designer sarees made from these eco-friendly fabrics, which helps us to conserve Mother Nature in her best form.

These new age sarees are made from natural fiber yarns made from jute. Bamboo and other organic plants and are totally nature-friendly, ensuring zero waste in the production process. You can also mix them with other regular fabrics and make a half and half saree which is in fashion these days. A georgette and jute silk half saree or a chiffon and jute half saree looks amazing in every respect. You can buy half sarees of this type online at the reasonable price and in different shades and colours.

Here are some of the eco sarees that will make your wardrobe more environment-friendly, and undoubtedly stylish and elegant as well.

Linen Sarees: Linen is equivalent to cotton in terms of ease and comfort and is perfect for Indian summers. They come in a variety of colours and designs. The raw texture is often made prominent with bold colours and solid border. Linen sarees look very elegant and classic.

Bamboo Silk sarees: The fleecy texture of bamboo fibre and smoothness of silk come together in bamboo silk sarees. Hand block printed bamboo sarees are in vogue these days and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. They can come in traditional prints, light embellishments of zari, patch heavy borders and other designs which makes them a good choice for special occasions.

Jute Sarees: Jute fiber is used to make different types of craft apparels including sarees. Light embroideries, floral or checkered prints look amazing on jute sarees. The rich feel of such sarees makes them perfect for any formal or family function.

Banana Fibre Saree: Banana yarns are being beautifully crafted into sarees by infusing bright colours and sometimes, high-end zari weaving in the pallu. One of these is a must-have in your wardrobe if you love to flaunt sarees.

You can get latest designer sarees in these eco-friendly fabrics on different apparel portals. These organic sarees not only make you look beautiful and elegant, but also ensures that Mother Nature is not harmed in any way in the process of making them.

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