As a genuine and known source of earning, the stock trading is a favorite business for every trader. One can find end number of companies on both of the leading exchanges in which one can trade and fetch good profit as a result of prudent trading. The market of shares is much sensitive to different information and news,and accordingly one can find the change in rates of shares here. As a result, one can buy shares at the low price and sell them once the rates are increased to have the desired level of profit.

For trading in this market, there are some prerequisites which include the trading and demat accounts. These accounts can be opened with any stockbroker. One can find the best stock broker in India with the help of various sources. The trader needs to decide a stockbroker with whom he can open the account. He needs to submit his documents as per the requirements of the account opening process,and in a few days, the account can be opened. He needs to pay margin money via check or even online banking which can help him avail credit from the broker and start trading in the market.

The choice of account:

In the market, one can find offline as well as online trading account. At the stage of account opening, only one needs to decide if he wants to go for the online account or an offline one. Both the accounts lead to trading only,but the pattern of trading and benefits are much different from each other which one must take into account before going for any of them.

Online account:

With the word online only one can understand that it is a type of account where one needs to transact on his own. Here the brokerage charges taken by the broker are low,but at the same time, the client is notprovided with in-house support for trading. He must get the application of software downloaded on his smartphone or computer. The software or application works on a real-time basis and hence one can trade well in the live market. The trader who seeks low brokerage rate and has high-volume needs to prefer this account as it offers sound command on trading. In case of any technical problem, the broker and his company are always prepared to help the client.

Offline account:

This is also known as a traditional method of trading where the client does not need to transact on his own. He offered a helping hand in the form of terminal operator whom he can call and provide various instructions for trading. The operator follows the instructions given by the trader and places the orders. In case of order executed or rejected he updates the client and according to the situation the client can take necessary decision. In this type of account, the trader does not need to have knowledge of trading as the operator is there to operate the system. He just needs to instruct and trade.

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