Weighted Blanket For Autism is beneficial and it is also very useful in many disorder like Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD but here we will mainly discuss about Autism.

So, Before knowing about benefits of weighted blanket firstly we should know about Autism.


Autism Spectrum disorder is abbreviated as Autism. So, it also refers to Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS.

It is complex problems with thinking, feeling, languages, and ability to relate to other. Peoples called it a neurological disorder, that means it affects the functioning of the brain. The effect of autism and severity of symptoms is different in each person. Autism is first diagnosed in children.

Autism has some Characteristics which is given below:-

  • Communication Problem
  • Difficulty relating to Event, People, and Things
  • Repetitive body movement or behaviors
  • Unusual or challenging behaviors in response to their confusion and stress
  • Difficulty reading facial expressions and body language

These all are some common signs of autism which is given above. Autism has many types but here I will give some name which maybe you can face.

  1. Asperger’s Syndrome
  2. Rett Syndrome
  3. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

So, for autism there is too many treatment and therapy is available but here I will mainly discuss about “Benefits Of Weighted Blanket For Autism”.

These benefits are decided whether the user is autistic, adult or toddler. However, According to user weight, the blanket should be corresponding weight as well.

What Is Weighted Blanket?

Name Implies the meaning of the weighted blanket. It is blanket with some extra weight. However, there are variations between weighted blanket.

The first variation of the blanket is the weight. If you are going to buy weighted blanket then you’ll want to get one that is 10% of your body weight plus a pound or two.

So, for your more ease here I was created size chart According to weight so, you will buy a perfect blanket.

Body Weight(lbs) Estimated Age(years) Blanket Weight
30-40 2-6 5lbs
40-70 7-10 7lbs
70-90 11-13 10lbs
90-150 14-16 15lbs
150-200 17-20 20lbs
200+ 21+ 25lbs

The blanket is mainly made of pp cotton and poly pellets so it can feel more relax and comfortable. It also varies according to the fabric used. A good quality blanket is made of extremely soft and Minky fabric.

The therapist also suggest the weighted blanket because it has many benefits. When we are using it during sleep it helps ground your body during sleep by pushing it downstream.

It reproduces deep pressure touch(DPT), It is a therapy that uses firm, hands on the pressure to reduce chronic stress and high levels of anxiety.

And It reduces the Crositol, A stress hormone.

Effect Of Weighted Blanket On Autism:-

Using weighted Blanket can help on many sides there is some of them which I am Going to discuss:-

1. Improve Sleep:-

As we know the autistic child has a sleeping problem so it gives relaxation during sleep. So parents are usually excited when they discover how much-weighted blanket can help.

There is some reason why weighted blanket can help improve sleep.

Weighted blanket releases Serotonin in the body due to deep touch pressure. Because children with autism have low serotonin and it helps to release serotonin which is chemical and because of it we feel calm, relax and have a stable mood.

Not only serotonin can help to feel relax but it is needed to create melatonin in the body because Melatonin is chemical that your body uses to tell itself that it’s time to sleep. It is based on your current sleeping schedule.

Children with autism have low melatonin realization that’s why don’t get natural sleep.

Another reason for using weighted blanket is because it is also calm down the nervous system and reduce the anxiety which is also one factor for that keeps the children autism up.

2. Improve Transition time:-

 Children with autism have a hard time to transition from high to low energy activities. It is mainly recognized when children come from school, need to start any new activity or before bedtime. So blanket gives the calming effect to your child and gives the energy or stable your body to do any new activity.

3. Sensory Input:-

Sensory processing disorder is not only with children with autism, it is a factor for a lot of them. A blanket is made of Minky and they added a dot to the blanket which gives the great sensory input.

4. Increased Focus:-

Deep pressure therapy has an organizational effect on the brain and this effect reduces the unwanted sensory seeking behavior. And without this sensory behavior, your child will be able to focus on any particular topic.

5.  Improve class performance:-

Like a weighted blanket, there is also a Weighted Vest but benefits are same.  Children with autism improve there seat performance, attention, and any task by wearing a weighted vest.

Any Many Benefits having a weighted blanket. It is great and natural supplement to an existing treatment plan for the children with autism.

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