Finally, your dream house is ready and you are all set to move-in. But, how do you make the interiors of your house look stylish yet not making it too heavy on your pockets? Some of us like the traditional Indian style, whereas many of us have tasted the style of contemporary interiors and want our house to be like that. But how do we do that when the interior items cost us a bomb!

Let us help you by giving you some tips that you can use to design your home this summer. These items will fit in your budget while giving you a refreshing summer look. Here it goes:

  • Be creative

    Let your creative self-speak out for a while. Make your own picture frame or a nice drawing which can be anything from doodling to painting something nice. It will give your room a personal touch while giving you a reason to utilize your time and decorate your room. You can make a key stand or a candle stand, design a photo frame, draw something on some papers and frame it. This won’t cost anything and will make your room look interesting.

    • Add a little light to your living room

    A little extra light can do a lot to your living room. Add some additional lights according to your room’s space, wallpapers, furniture and accessories that you have. Bright lights tend to make your rooms look a bit bigger which can accentuate the look of your room.

    • Try using light colored wall paint- you will like it As we discussed earlier about bright lights, using light colored wall paint will make your room look bigger and wider as well. Using a light color paint, like light yellow, white or even light pink can increase the volume of your space.
      • Use the unused space under your staircase Did you know that there are many things in our house that can be used to create some additional space? Take for example the stairs right in your living room. Did you know the space beneath the stairs could be used to create additional storage room? Add some shelves or cupboards under the stair, make it a book shelf or if you are creative, then you could also make a mini bar just beneath the stairs! Who would have thought that, right! And don’t forget to check vastu tips for staircase while implement or adopting some new space saving ideas as it impacts a lot in many livings.
        • Mirror, mirror on the wall Don’t forget to dress your room with mirrors. Mirrors will yet again make your room look bigger as well as brighter. Mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes. We only thought of using mirrors to look at our faces, but mirrors can do a lot more than making us stare at ourselves. Make use of these mirrors as wall hanging or show-pieces. Mirrors can do a lot more than just being a furniture piece.

          • Sofa cum bed: A life savior

          This piece of furniture is a must have. Always keep a piece of furniture that can have multipurpose usage. It helps you to buy less furniture and you can also maintain some adequate space in your house. Make it a sofa when you want to sit and want your guests to rest and when they are done make it your bed. Even your guests would love to fall asleep on it when you don’t have an additional bed. Sofa cum bed makes your life easy. Keep as less as possible and whatever you keep, keep items that are useful.

          • Long live furniture’s with built-in storageAs we have already pointed out, go for items which make sense and are not unnecessary. When you are investing so much to buy a new house then invest properly on the furniture that you want to have. It will save you a lot of money and will be practical as well. Get furniture like bed or sofa with in-built storage capacity. It will let you keep a lot of stuff inside, making your house looking cleaner and will also save you from spending money from making another storage cabinet.
            • Storage for your bathroom

            Is your bathroom too tiny? Don’t have enough space to fit everything in your bathroom? Then create narrow shelves and wall wracks. They won’t eat a lot of space in your bathroom and will give you ample of space to take a shower. Vastu for bathroom also places lots of impact on personal livings hence you should read it first as well before implementing any thing.

            These were some of our tips to make your interiors look bigger and better. We hope we were able to help you with your journey in decorating your house.

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