Special occasions are unforgettable and unbelievable with ideas that stretch a little more than they usually do. Anybody would want their fantastic memories to last for years, Birthdays are no different.

Birthdays are celebrated and so are ideas. Booking a present online on deciding to click a link send cake online jaipur from a point of view is normal. However, at times it’s even better to outdo what you are doing.

Besides doing the regular stuff, this is what you have got to do to make sure your birthday become a memorable affair.

Skydiving: The very thought of jumping from a high altitude gives you shivers. Considering the task of skydiving you are bound to get scared just by the word itself for sure. Most of them who have already tried skydiving have felt that the feeling can never be expressed in words. The same applies to the few moments of silence and high-pressure air gushing everywhere around on your special day, while you are surrounded by nothing but an aircraft.

Imagining no people, no noise, no buildings or skyscrapers is bliss and undoubtedly an amazing experience. It will turn the world around for you at least for a couple of minutes and may also turn out to be most memorable experiences of your lifetime. In case your still in it, don’t forget to feel rush of adrenaline within your body. Ask yourself if it isn’t that stupendous birthday experience to die for.

Old school:

This is just the opposite of skydiving but is still the wackiest of ideas considering you an adult. How many times have you thought of school days which were rather fun than the fast-paced adulthood? Recall and remember the days of innocence and how you celebrate your birthday with a bunch of kids surrounding you. The balloons, the birthday hats, games, toys, they can all be back if you decide to go old school.

The best part is that it goes easy on your wallet, unlike skydiving which is an expensive affair. Plan the entire theme by decorating the house with balloons, ribbons, wallpapers, just like old days. Calling up your friend and do think to revive the excitement of old school days and as far as cake is concerned you don’t have to ask your mom to bake one. However, you can ask her to order and send a cake from links such as send cake online jaipur and so on.

Fulfil a crazy wish:

It is not as crazy as it sounds but it depends on what you wish to do and how you would like to execute it. From ages, you would have been thinking to do something which you didn’t do because of your busy schedule. You can fulfil this pending wish that was stuck in your mind all this while. The wackier the better and what occasion could be better than executing this on your birthday.

So whatever you do, you do it with intent to stay happy and joyful on your birthday but don’t risk or harm yourself while doing so.


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