Keeping money safe happens with efficiency through investment. The best growth sector for the investors of today in India is the new companies and start-ups. They make good headway pushing the limits of technology and remain poised for spectacular growth. The wise investor will do well to pick some of these companies and invest for the future.

Among the companies that showed the best growth, the robotics sector is the best. This is an emerging field and there are enough companies with the potential to improve on existing technology. Here are some of the recently Robotics and automation companies in India that the intrepid investor will find interesting.

GreyOrange Robotics

An emerging player in the robotics and artificial intelligence field, GreyOrange Robotics has changed the automation space and warehousing with its robots. It launched the Butler System that provides efficient and accurate material handling in a warehouse. It is flexible and improves productivity and remains poised for growth. Valued at $30 million, this has venture capital backing from Blume Ventures and Tiger Global.

Sastra Robotics

In their own words, they build robotic manipulators that mimic human action and reactions. It is one of the forerunners in automation services and advanced robotics. It has collaboration with Corobot (USA), Dongbu Robot (Korea), and Cyberbotics (Switzerland). The present revenue is less than $1 million. Its other products include Hovis, the humanoid-robot kit that can assume 20 or more different forms and Genibo, the robot dog that can walk around on its own.


Based in Bangalore, Systemantics make industrial robots. What makes them special is that they focus on the development of core technologies indigenously for the robotic arms. These robots help to replace hazardous and tedious work that makes humans fatigued and prone to commit an error. They received an investment of $1.38 million from Accel Partners and NandanNilekani. The company produces walking machines, pick and place robots, and underwater robotic arms. It is one of the fast developing new Robotics and automation companies in India and worth a look from interested investors.


This venture is in Ahmedabad and focuses on machine vision and artificial intelligence. They make their machines for industrial robotics and nuclear space. These robots find a use for inspection, cutting and welding operations in places where the humans cannot reach. They have estimated revenue of $2.6 million. You can use its advanced robots on the battlefield for reconnaissance and defense operations. This makes this company very interesting to investors.


They have entered the field of robotics and automation in 2012. It hopes to provide solutions and consultancy services in the field of medicine, space exploration, defence, sports, and manufacturing. Their initial six-foot model has won several awards including Top 5 Young Innovators from the British High Commission, Red Herring Asia award, and Frost & Sullivan GIL award among many others. They raised 21 lakh INR in seed fund in 2017.

Robotics is an exciting and expanding field. The new companies in this sector see phenomenal growth once they get established. Investments in this sector are secure and have great potential for rapid growth.

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