Are you going to Bangalore from Delhi to pay a visit to your beloved friends? Well, if that is the case, why not plan out something adventurous?  Exactly, there are many places within and around this city that leave the travellers full of amazement and freshness.

If you feel that you would get tired after a long journey from Delhi to Bangalore, then you are wrong. Why don’t you opt for flight? You can walk through the Delhi to Bengaluru flights schedule and pick the flight that matches your timing. Once you reach Bangalore in just a couple of hours that too in the comfortable manner; you would have all the energy and zeal in you to explore the destinations of this city.

Ulsoor Lake

One of the hugest lakes in Bangalore, this Lake is a magnanimous lake that is scattered over an area of nearly 50 hectares. UlsoorLake was constructed by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring and he was Bangalore’s commissioner at that time. The lake was earlier known as Halsur or even Alasur. Though the lake is not fit for swimming, you can relish a boating activity at this lake.  Spotted with a number of islands from the beginning, the natural charm and beauty of this destination is enhanced by the luxurious greenery that surrounds the lake. Owed to its natural beauty and tranquil environment, the Ulsoor Lake is visited by picnickers and nature buffs alike. Ulsoor Lake is a significant venue for the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi that take place between the months of August/September every year.You can simply relax amidst the tranquil ambience of this place or you can even whip out your cameras and capture a few gorgeous shots.

Innovative Film City

You must take a day trip to this beautiful theme park. It is just a little away from main city.    It is considered to be one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bangalore.  It is a place that covers nearly fifty eight acres of land. Whether you love to do shopping, eat, simply walk and discover or experience the bits of your childhood again; there is something or the other that the film city has to cater you.

It is mainly divided into three parts and is huge enough for you to spend at least half of a day at this place to walk around and relish all that city has to cater. You can stroll through Innovative Attractions to relish amusement park rides and splendid museums and relish the innumerable sections like Wild West Wind and even Cartoon City; and of course, the Innovative Studio to experience the world of movies and glamour. You can do exploration to pallet satisfaction; everything at this place. Even if you visit the place with kids and grandparents both; you can experience a great time therein.

Thus, it is needless to say that Bangalore has entertainment and amusement stored for you. Be it natural exploration or thrill; you can get it all in the realm of Bangalore.

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