Make your BFF happy by giving her personalized gifts to remind how special is the friendship that the two of you have. These gifts can exist in many forms, such as a canvas bag, ref magnet, mug, or shirt. To make the gift more personalized, include a photo of the two of you. No idea on what photo to use? Call her now and try the ideas that will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.

Laugh Out Loud

You do not needto let out a fake laugh. When you are with your BFF, you will surely have a good reason to let out a big laugh! Do not be afraid of how big you open your mouth. Show your teeth and laugh until you are about to cry. This will surely look good in a photo. While laughing, drink coffee, hug each other, or ride a bike. This is one of the photo friendship goals you have to try!

Show your Love for Food

One of the things many people enjoy doing with their friends is eating. More often than not, you forget about your strict diet when you are having a good time with your BFF. If you love food, include it as the subject of your next photoshoot. Find a good restaurant or an IG-worthy café with drool-worthy foods.

Be Playful

If you have playful personalities, this is another idea that will work. Think of things where you can be fun and playful. One thing that you can do is to make bubbles as props. You can also be photographed running at a beach, rolling on the sand, or playing with the waves. A colorful playground will also be a nice background.

Be Sexy

For those who dare to be unique, this is a good idea. If you got it, flaunt it! What could be better than flaunting it in a photoshoot with your BFF? You can choose different settings, such as underwater, shower, bedroom, or anywhere else you can show off your sexy bodies! Here are some tips on how you and your BFF can nail this kind of a photoshoot.

Recreate an Old Picture

If you have been friends for a long time, such as since you were children, this will be a fantastic idea. Find a photo from many years ago, such as when you were playing. Re-enact the same scene. They look cute when they are placed side by side. These photos will show how your friendship has transcended the test of time!

Go Twinning

You are BFFs, so you most probably have no problem with twinning. Wear matching outfits from head to toe. You can choose different color schemes if you do not want to entirely look the same. Experiment with different poses and backgrounds that will match the twinning outfits that the two of you are wearing.

There you have it! Call your BFF now and start brainstorming on what to do on your photoshoot!

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