Innovative vs Traditional Teaching Methods

The fact that over the last decade children have changed a lot, says a lot. Studies show that modern children in most cases are not able to fit into the traditional education system without harming their development.

Our society has entered the phase of a globalization. A breakthrough from the established, hopeless realities of the present to a new civilization is needed. A new generation can bring society out of the existing destructive system of things. Contrary to this, the old school, which has already clearly and long gone out of its age, is struggling to keep its current positions.

The reality of today lessons

A lesson at school according to a traditional recipe has been demanding changes for a long time. After all, modern children who are almost out of the diapers understand any gadgets and at the age of three know all the planets of the solar system, that’s why it is hard to get them interested in the monotonous retelling of the textbook behind the school bench. And if progressive teachers develop new methods on their own and during their own lessons try to submit school supplies, most of the teachers, unfortunately, got stuck in the last century.
Not only educational programs, school textbooks, teaching methods, but also the organization of the school itself is essential for improvement of education.

What is the difference between the two approaches

When we talk about an innovative approach, it is necessary to explain that students’ activity at the lessons should be turned from the passive type to the active one. These changes aren’t the only indicators about the difference. Let’s take a traditional lecture as an example, usually, students just listen to the professor and take some notes of what was said. While the innovative lecture is organized in the way that allows students and the lecturer to be equal partners of the studying process, meaning students are also involved in the lecture by cooperation with the professors.

Is a fact or a fantasy – game-centered studying?

Nowadays, probably a lot of people have already heard about the Q2L- Quest to Learn school in NY. Its specialty is game-centered curriculum, which is very effective and a great way for the students to learn information. You can check the school’s results which are very significant. This indicates that children more likely to perceive new knowledge when they are interested.

Who Wins the Battle

Of course, there are still teachers and parents who believe that innovative methods are not necessary for long-live, reliable traditional teaching system. However, we can’t close the eyes to the reality of the modern world. The technologies are developing rapidly, the education process can’t stay untouchable. The sooner we understand that it’s better to adjust the education system to the changes around us, the better future expects our children.

Maybe then we won’t need to learn dissertation writing but will contribute to the development of our society directly.

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