Whenever I visit the Regent Cocktail Club, my favorite cocktail lounge in Atlanta, I get overwhelmed with the drinks on their menu. I love cocktails, but up to this day, I am still undecided on what is my favorite. Most of the time, I would rather go for the classics. If you are just starting to be into cocktails, here are six of the classics that you need to try.


If you want to try the best cocktails in Atlanta, Negroni is one of the drinks that you should order. The recipe is simple, which is why it is quite hard for the bartender to mess up. It has a bitter and sweet flavor. It also has a pronounced herbal complexity that you will not find in any other drink. It has three basic ingredients with 1:1:1 ratio – vermouth, gin, and Campari. If you want it stronger, do not hesitate to order it with two parts of your favorite gin.

Old Fashioned

The list of the most popular cocktails to order in a bar will not be complete without mentioning the Old Fashioned. One thing that will make it easy to identify the drink is the orange garnish on the top of the drink, which gives it a refreshing aroma. The mix is consist of rye whiskey or bourbon, bitters, and sugar.


If a shot of tequila is too strong for you, a glass of Margarita can prove to be the excellent alternative. The salt on the rim of the glass is one of the easy ways to spot this cocktail the next time you are in a bar. The tequila is combined with Cointreau and lime juice. Since there is fresh juice, this cocktail is shaken for the flavors to blend well.


Whiskey, bitters, and sweet vermouth are three of the ingredients that complete this classic and easy-to-make cocktail. However, if you ask the connoisseurs about the proper way of making Manhattan, they would say that the base should be rye whiskey, not just any whiskey. This cocktail has been around since the 18th century, which makes it a traditional drink that you definitely need to try!


If you are looking for a fancy cocktail to order the next time you are out, a Martini should be on the top of the list, which can be easily identified by the olives. It contains only two main ingredients – in and Vermouth. It can be wet, which means that there is more Vermouth, or dry, which means that there is more gin.


For the rum-lover, this is the perfect cocktail. It is known for being a refreshing drink, making it the perfect cocktail to sip while watching the sunset or while on the beach. The basic ingredients of this drink include white rum, lime juice, soda water, sugar, and mint.

The next time you order a cocktail, try one of the classics that have been mentioned above. You will end up ordering more than just one glass!

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