With the world of beauty influencers and the stereotype of the perfect human, it is no surprise that surgical procedures have become so popular. However, with the limitations of makeup and technology declining, we are beginning to see a clear decrease of surgical procedures for something more semi-permanent. Here, we’re taking a closer look at whether people are still opting for surgical procedures or choosing the latest, less invasive methods.


With many celebrities going under the knife, it has since been shown that well-known figures such as Katie Price have undergone surgery to get that ideal body. With many surgical procedures on the market such as breast enhancement and lip fillers, there is something for everyone no matter the part of the body that they wish to change. However, with the recent increase in the number of influencers that have a more natural approach to changing the shape of your face through makeup, the use of cosmetic surgery has dropped by more than 40% with people opting to use more natural and easily reversible methods to change the way they look.

Recently, Kylie Jenner removed her lip fillers, opting for a more natural look. This will no doubt have a further impact on the decline of cosmetic surgery as people are opting for body confidence and being happy in your own skin.


In addition to the rise in celebrities opting to ditch their cosmetic surgeries, there is also a strong makeup community on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram that offer cheaper alternatives using makeup. Techniques such as nose contouring, that is relatively easy to achieve acting as a direct alternative to the traditional nose job. With influencers such as Patrick Starr, Zoella and NikkieTutorials all offering makeup tips and tricks that are the perfect alternatives for those that do not want to opt for cosmetic surgery, we are beginning to seen a decline in the more traditional and permanent methods.


One of the main reasons that people are not opting for cosmetic surgeries is because of the overall cost of the procedures. Some of the procedures that are available to you can be expensive depending on where you go to and this for many is something that is turning them away from cosmetic surgeries.


In the world of technology, there are many other alternatives to going under the knife, with alternatives such as Botox and injections allowing you the same results as traditional plastic surgery but with a smaller time frame for healing. In addition to this, these fillers can also be dissolved and removed easily without having to go back in for surgery. This is a more popular option for those that are looking for small changes to their face that can be easily reversed as there is less of an element of commitment as it can be easily removed.

With the rise of influencers and semi-permanent alternatives to the traditional plastic surgery, we are beginning to see a decrease in the number of people that are going under the knife and are beginning to opt for the less option. In turn, this is affecting the overall impact of the industry as a whole as we are seeing a decline since the plastic surgery boom in 2016.

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