Diamond is the easiest way to win a permanent place in a girl’s heart. If you are planning for a surprise proposal for your girl and looking for the best black diamond engagement rings available in the market, then you are in the right place. There are a lot of options you can choose. None of them is going out of fashion so easily as well. So you can choose from a lot from traditional to the newest trends all can win your girl’s heart for you.

There is a rule to follow when buying engagement rings. Follow four C for the perfect diamond ring. Cut, colour, clarity, and carat are the three big C of diamond buying. Each of these C complements the look of the diamond ring. Let’s understand those C:


The cut means a diamond’s proportion, facets, angles, fires not the shape of the diamond. Cut makes the actual difference of its sparkle and beauty. To get the best black diamond engagement rings, you need to take some expert help.


The colour of a diamond starts from D to Z. D is the most colourless and z is on yellowish side. Colours vary the price of a diamond. So make sure you do not buy a cheaper diamond giving a high rate.


Clarity indicates how much the diamond is free from blemishes and imperfections. Diamonds beauty depends on it so make sure you get perfect clarity.


Diamond’s carat depends on its actual weight. You should emphasize on that to make sure you get the best diamond.

Deciding your engagement ring can be a scary project to do. You may get anxious about what if she likes it or not. Don’t worry, we have your back here. Let’s see the trends of diamonds that are ruling engagement trend now.

  1. Solitaire:

The solitaire design is a ring made with a single diamond or stone in the middle. It is a style that is here for years but never goes out of style. A simple girl who follows a simple lifestyle on a regular basis will love this ring. It will complement her simple attires with an elegant look.

  1. Three-stone diamond:

The name indicates how the style should be. A diamond in the middle and gemstones set firmly together looks best. The central stone will look better with a bigger diamond. The most popular diamond shapes for the three-stone diamond is princess cut and brilliant round cut.

  1. Tension:

Tension is a modernly styled ring. The metal band uses pressure to keep the diamond secure. The diamond looks attached with the two sides of the metal band. A modern woman who loves to be in the center of eyes will like this ring so much.

  1. Vintage:

Vintage style showcases the time of the Victorian era. This diamond ring offers an intricate design with very detailed work. This ring looks royal. If your girl is into vintage fashion and loves the vintage vibe, she will love this ring.

  1. Halo:

Halo is may be on trend with everything right now. A circularly shaped diamond which has small diamonds on the sides of the bigger diamond. If you want to slim down your diamond budget, you can choose this one. The big diamond stone looks more prominent with the sides of small diamonds as well.

  1. Cathedral:

The ring is the most elegant of all. In a cathedral setting, it looks like arches of cathedrals. The big, pretty diamond is placed on the top alone but shining brightly. The simple metal band keeps hailing the diamond on the head.


That’s all we had today for your help. Wish you get the answer your heart is looking for. Best wishes to you and partner too.

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