With the JEE mains just knocking at your door, you need to get serious. If up till now you’ve prepared for the exam in a lukewarm manner, it’s time you start boiling the tea, i.e., your brain and get into the preparation zone with all guns blazing or none at all. If you’ve been procrastinating and putting this test behind, it’s time to get serious. Given below are tips to help you make use of the vast resources associated with JEE exams for free

  1. Make use of the official tests on the JEE website: This is not only the simplest way to prepare for the exam but also the most effective technique to do it. These mock tests are available for free on the official website and they actually mirror the JEE exams in terms of the format, structure and content involved. This can be entirely accessed through the computer without any physical testing material. Taking mock tests may seem intimidating at first because you’re not sure of your calibre and you think that others will be better than you. However once you get on with them you’ll get the desired confidence and an actual feeling of sitting in front of the computer on the main day. Completing each mock test will give you an invaluable experience of working through all the questions, timing yourself and finding your strengths and weakness. This will automatically make you aware of the areas you need to focus on.
  2. Make use of the question papers from the previous exams: The past question papers are also available on the JEE website. Even though the same will not come for you, the pattern remains the same and you will be able to understand the level of difficulty you have to start with and also the parts you can improve on. A JEE online coaching institute always places emphasis on this. This makes these previous years question papers an invaluable resource. Since JEE is pretty much new (It replaced IIT JEE in 2013), questions from the year 2014 are only available but since each year has the exam twice, there are eight papers that are available online along with practice material on the official JEE website. However, if you want to practice you can also avail the question papers from the IIT-JEE exam which covers almost all the same topics.
  3. Consult the JEE FAQ for basic questions: If you want to understand the whole application procedure, the eligibility requirements etc, then JEE FAQ will come to your rescue. Since you will almost find all the general questions that most students ask, you will get to know things you didn’t have an idea about. This way you will be saving invaluable time getting all answers on one platform.

Most importantly you must  keep abreast with all the official schedules and bulletins. Your online coaching for IIT will inform you about any re-interpreted results, changing topics and rescheduling but you must also take it upon yourself to be aware of what is happening.

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