Fruits come with a lot of healthy benefits. Munching on a fresh fruit increases immunity power in a human body and helps one to stay away from diseases.

So, fruit basket gifts should be full of fresh fruits loaded with fibres and vitamins.


The pomegranates can prevent heart diseases. They have a lot of polyphenols and a lot of anti oxidants. This prevents any kind of damages on the walls of arteries and so it prevents an individual from getting strokes. This also prevents the level of cholesterols to become very high and so all the coronary artery diseases are kept in check. They are also very beneficial for those who are suffering from prostate and breast cancers. It has a huge amount of anti oxidants which stops free radicals to grow in a human body and it also inhibits the growth of tumour cells in a human body as well. This fruit also has some anti inflammatory things which helps to reduce inflammation in a human body which is caused due to some injury or other things.


This fruit is a brilliant source of Vitamin C. This fills up the anti oxidant requirements of your body and it fights he damages caused by the free radicals in your body. So, it helps one from saving themselves from catching a cold or flu during the change of season. It also helps in preventing diseases like Osteoarthritis. Oranges also have Vitamin C and it can solve heart problems. Yes, you heard it right. It can actually prevent the arteries which can get blocked due aggregation of oxidised molecules and as they stick to the heart walls. Those actually lead to heart blockages and heart attacks and it can be prevented by eating this fruit on a regular basis.


Papaya is a very common fruit which is available almost throughout the year. This fruit is very rich in fibre and it has absolutely less cholesterol. It is said that if one is expecting a child, then they should have ripe papaya in their regular diet as it is full of dietary fibres. Ripe papayas have rich Vitamin C content. It triggers the immune booster. Papaya in a regular diet also helps in reducing the inflammation in a body. Fresh papaya contains good amount of potassium and calcium. It is an important component which keeps cell and body fluid normal. It controls heart rate and blood pressure in a human body.


This fruit is also easily available almost 12 months a year and it is said that bananas are low in sodium and high in potassium. There are a huge amount of minerals present in this fruit which keeps the blood pressure in a human body low preventing from sudden attacks and strokes. They are also very rich in fibres and as a result it can easily constipation problems. This is also very good for human skins.

In fruit gift baskets one can arrange varieties of fruits before gifting it to someone.

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