Everyone goes through a tight money phase and a lot of it has to do with our shopping habits. Shopping is indeed an enjoyable affair, one cannot deny that. But is there a way you can enjoy buying new things while also balancing your finances?

Consider charity shopping. Contrary to what many people think – charity shopping is not just about used clothing items. Since charity-run stores deal with donations, there are many other surprises in store, including Halloween props and other eclectic items.

How does Charity Shopping Work?

Most charity-run retail stores in the USA follow a very simple model. They source their products from an extensive network of donation drives and centers. The products are then distributed to the retail location where they are sold are very cheap prices. It is as simple as that.

Benefits of Charity Shopping

There are many benefits of shopping in a store that is part of a charity network. If you are a bargain specialist then you will love stores like the ones run by MERS Missouri Goodwill Industries. Pick up high-quality apparel at just a small fraction of the original costs. With just a few bucks and some patience to rummage through large collections, you can walk away with a big brand designer garment.

Buying items from charity retail outlets is also a responsible way to shop. You get perfectly usable products that would have been discarded. Apart from reducing your expenditures, you also reduce the wastage of products. When it comes to clothing, the industry, unfortunately, is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The manufacturing of garments involves a large amount of chemical use and a heavy carbon footprint – from the production to the logistics. Instead of contributing to this burning of resources, pick up some excellent pre-owned garments from a charity shop.

Be the Difference to Others

Charity shopping does not have to be a complete replacement for your regular shopping. But if you can incorporate such shopping into your lifestyle even a little, you will be making a huge difference in someone’s life, apart from saving more money. Picking up the 100-dollar jacket for 20 dollars is a great bargain – and the best part is that the money you spend goes into a good cause. There are charity shops that are dedicated to child welfare and some are dedicated to vocational training and many other noble causes.

Some Tips

When you enter a charity store, expect the unexpected. Be ready to dive deep – you do not know what you will come across. For those who love to try out new fashion statements and styles, a charity store is a perfect place. You can experiment with daring clothing items that you would have not picked up at a regular mall or store because they would have been too expensive. These stores are also a place for vintage styles. Some basic research before you go shopping might help you find a special piece.

When you buy some of your clothing and other items at a charity shop, you can walk out with pride and your wallet will still have some cash in it – that is not such a bad deal at all. Try it out. Charity shopping might be the adventure you needed.


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