It is not that when you go to a brand shop, you should buy something from it with your closed eyes. Yeah, it is always there that people believe on brands but whenever you buy something whether any service, thing or something else, you should just review it. Check it with your open eyes. It is always the case and always will be.

So for your wedding you want to hire a photographer but it is not easy and you don’t know who will be the best for you. For a best wedding photographer it is not about just experience and professionalism, it is about his/her creativity that makes photos look and feel mesmerizing. Though former things are also necessary but they come latter. And besides, you do not want your hired photographer to just shoot you, he/she should understand you and the chemistry you have with your partner, if they understand it they know how to use it creatively to make your both prewed and postwed shoot awesome.

We are giving never-miss-out tips for selecting a Best wedding photographer for your wedding. So choose wisely!

Make a list & meet the best

It is tough and tough, and always tough to select a best from the best. Make a list of potential ones and review them and their portfolio including what their previous clients say about their work and them. You can read the reviews online on any social media channel and on their website if they have, and they regularly update their best shot pics too. Whoever’s work you like the best and you think that this photographer can be best for your wedding photography, get his/her contact details and call for meeting.

Talk & discuss about everything

After selecting the best, when he/she comes up for a meeting, take his/her interview and ask the questions what you want to ask, but just don’t babble. Ask for how long he/she has been in the business, what he/she likes the best about wedding photography and why he/she always wants to shoot it. By asking these types of questions you know that whether they really are doing it because they want to do it or it is just as for time pass. You should know and understand his/her interest. Then tell your idea and vision you have for your wedding photography, that how you want it and where you want including places, and what one emotion that you definitely want to include in the wedding photography. If he/she takes and shows interest and enhances your vision more creatively, then select. You have found your best photographer that shoots you best.

Gear, equipments & team strength

You have tick marked for your photographer. Now the question comes whether he/she has all the gears, equipments for photography. Though you don’t know what paraphernalia needed for photography, but just ask, and also ask what team strength he/she has. Because it is not possible to shoot all pre wed for a single photographer. Ask these questions and get assurance about these from your photographer.


Money honey is always there, and when you have found your best bet, it becomes a bit sturdy to bargain. But we do want to say ‘Don’t always bargain’. You should not compromise on the quality. It is your wedding. You can ask for a lower but if your best bet doesn’t agree on that, get him what he/she demands, but if you think it is too high and you can find better options more, then again start searching. This is how this works.

So with these tips, keeping them in your tiny, intelligent mind, you can start taking interviews of your potential wedding photographers. And please do it early before some weeks from your wedding. Apart from that, there are also best wedding photographers in Jaipur if your destination wedding is there. Start looking!

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