Gift is something which has to be chosen well before sending it to someone. If that someone is a special one, then it has to be well thought as well.

In order to send a gift to your loved ones, one needs to know what their favourite things are. What they would love to have as a gift. According to that, one should select some gift items. If one wants, then they can make their gifts even more special by making them customised. There are some best personalised gifts that one can select and send to their near and dear ones. Here are some major ideas about personalised gift items that one can think of.

Wine glasses

If you are sending a gift to a couple then this can be a very classy choice. Choose a set of 2 stunning wine glasses and get them engraved to make it customised. You can engrave their names on the glasses and it can be a charming addition to their personal bar. The one w=to receive this gift will be very happy.

Shot glasses

If not wine glasses, then customised shot glasses can also fit the bill. Go for some elegant and transparent ones with the names engraved on it. You can also print the names on the glasses with italics which looks even better. This can be a perfect show off in a drinking session.

Personalised sketches

If you want to gift your love something very special, then hand drawn pencil sketches can be a great idea.  But these are not regular hand drawn sketches; these are the digital formats of those sketches which are printed on a canvas. One can easily mount it on a wooden frame and hang it on a wall.

Wooden key chains

Another lovely couple gift idea would be a set of key chains where one can engrave their names on the wooden part of it. This is a perfect gift idea for any occasion. But remember, the finish and the material of the wood has to be very good.

Photo collage

This can be an excellent gift idea for your friends or your girlfriend.  You can select some best photos (about 10 to 15) and then turn it into a nice collage before gifting it to them. You can also add a special message at the bottom of the collage for them.

Customised wall clock

There are many gift companies who can customise a wooden wall clock for you if you want to gift that to a special one. Here the wall clock has maximum 12 customised photos with a transparent cover. This can be a very prized possession who gets it as a gift.

Personalised cushions

This can be a perfect gift idea for the newlyweds. Buy a charming pair of cushions and print a picture of the couple on them. This can be a memorable gift for them.

There are many personalised gift stores around. One can also buy personalized gifts online from the designated sites.

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