A day is not possible to start without a cup of coffee. Coffee is a savior from our tiredness and offers a complete freshness to the mood. Some of us prefer a simple coffee and some of us prefer black coffee or espresso or a latte.  We have plenty of options for coffee. And in different parts of the world, different culture for coffee is followed by the people. Brazil is considered to be the largest and top coffee exporters followed by Vietnam, Colombia and etc.

Coffee is considered to be an ancient tradition across the world, but although each country has its own method of preparation and has a unique recipe for it. So let us discuss and see the coffee culture followed by the different countries globally.Win $500 Free @ www.krogerfeedback.com


When you ask for a coffee in Italy, you will be served with an espresso straightly. Coffee is quintessential for people in Italy. The meaning of a cup of coffee means an espresso. Usually, the espresso is drunk in just two or three sips and can be taken during any time of a day. It is a really a freshen up tablet for lifting your mood and energy. If you are caffeine freak, then you have a double espresso commonly called “café` doppio”. Also, Italy usually consumes cappuccino at breakfast time.


Germany shares a very sweet close relationship with the coffee. Though the coffee isn’t that famous as it is in Italy, Germans do prefer coffee the most. Germany doesn’t have a particular type of coffee to be served. Germans prefer their coffee whichever way they want it during the daytime. Mostly they use a vending machine for a weak or strong, or, with or without milk coffee. Even they use a brand new espresso coffee maker to serve them hot espresso.


France is famous for its rich culture and style of living. And passion for the coffee plays an important role in the national culture of France. The most famous drink served in this country is “Café au lait”. A very hot, strong filter coffee or a double espresso is mixed with half milk which is frothed most of the time in a thick bowl called “bol”. This is how the perfect café au lait is made and served to the customers. During the day, most of the French prefer black coffee (café noir) and an espresso (petit noir) or Café Granit which is a mixture of an intense coffee with mocha liqueur.

  • CUBA

Cuba became a large coffee producer during mid-1700s or early-1800s. It is  to be one of the top coffee exporters across the world due to its largest landscape for the production of the coffee.   Cafe Cubano, one of the famous drinks in the world is originated in Cuba. The ground Chicharo beans which are a pea type legume are used to make a simple coffee. The Cubans usually mix this coffee with a brand with the help of a stove-top espresso maker in order to increase the flavor and quality.

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