Investing in the right places will keep your wealth safe. One of the best ideas is to invest in new companies. In India, investing in biotechnology companies is the best because of the wonderful growth they show. Here is a list of new biotechnology companies that are growing in India and the investment that they have received so far.

Leader of diagnosis and research –

Healthcare delivered by studying the genes is the latest trend in India. One of the leading companies in this line is MedGenome Inc. This diagnostic and research company was established in January 2013. As the market leader in India, MedGenome decodes the information in a person’s gene. This helps them gain an insight of the disease and health of the individual at the molecular level. This helps solve complicated diseases like cancer, eye disorders, and metabolic disorders. They also give solutions for cardiovascular complications, hereditary diseases, and neurological disorders. The total funding they have received so far is $64 million. It is one of the leading funded Biotechnology companies in India.

Get genetic counseling –

Another healthcare company based in India that uses genetic technology is Strand Life Sciences. Nearly 14% of the babies in India are born with incurable genetic diseases. This company offers genetic counselling through tests and screening for couples to make sure they are not carrying any undesirable genetic traits. Strand has developed a single test for over 52 conditions. Before a couple plan a family, they could undergo screening to make sure they have a healthy baby. Strand has received 9.31 million in funding so far.

Use of personal genetics –

Another significant aspect of life is diet and nutrition. Personal genomics can help you screen for disease predisposition, nutrition, and fitness by covering 300 parameters according to Xcode Life Sciences. This company uses custom made genomic testing panels. It is possible to design your diet exactly in the way you want by studying your genes. This is helpful because it takes into account your health condition. By using the fitness information it is possible to achieve good fitness with optimum effort. They have raised $200k in funding so far.

Fitness through Artificial Intelligence –

Use of Artificial Intelligence to help Healthcare is now growing. SigTuple is a healthtech startup that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse health conditions. Based in Bangalore, they raised $19 million in a series B funding for development of new solutions and for research. It is one of the new funded Biotechnology companies in India that show a lot of promise. They will be expanding the team and scaling up. Through their services, labs and hospitals will be able to automate visual medical analysis. Time taken for manual pathology tests will become less. They will make available smartphone attachable devices to supply the visual data to all its AI driven models. Molecular research laboratories help the companies establish valid parameters for testing.

Investment in the biotechnology companies helps one achieve more consistent financial returns. You will remain assured of your investment because India is in need of plenty of medical support being one of the countries with the largest population.

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