Whether the Jeep is used for farming, for off-road adventures, or for weekend rides, the Jeep will not be complete if it is without a winch. A Jeep that has a winch fitted to it will come in very handy to help itself, or any vehicle get out when it is stuck in the mud, snow, ice, potholes, etc.

If you are driving a Jeep and alone when you get stuck, you have no one to turn to. But if your Jeep has a winch, you could get your Jeep out without waiting for help to arrive. Or if you are travelling in a group with other off-road adventurers, and if one of you get stuck, the one with a winch will be able to get the Jeep out safely in no time. If you have not have your Jeep fitted, it will be good to have a Jeep bumper winch combo fitted because one will never know when a Jeep can get stuck or when a big tree could fall over the path blocking your passage.

It is the responsibility of Jeep owners and drivers to know how to use their winch properly and with proper safety precautions. Improper use of winches can be very dangerous. Knowing about what to do and what not to do with the 4×4 winch rope or cable, etc. is very important. If one is new to winching, there are many important things to learn when using a winch because some winching accidents could be due to ignorance.

Not all Jeep Wrangler bumpers that come with the Jeep can be fitted with certain winches. Sometimes, the bumpers have to be changed to fit the chosen winch and the bumper has to be of good quality so as not to get snapped when under strain. Once a winch is fitted, make sure the rope or cable is re-spooled properly under a load before it is ready to make any loaded pulls. Without proper re-spooling, the cable and the winch can be damaged.

Every winch user need to remember that a winch is intended to be used with the pulling vehicle or anchor stationary as part of a static pull. If a tree has to be used as anchor, choose a large tree and use a wide strap to strap around the base of the tree because the strongest part is closest to the ground.

The use of led lights is on the increase. Many Jeep owners have upgraded their traditional headlights to led lights.  Jeep led lights give out a crisp, clean and bright white light that effectively turns the pitch dark night into day. A good quality led headlight meets all on the road requirements and helps to eliminate glare from oncoming traffic.

Led headlights kits are easy to install and you can install them on your own Jeep. You don’t need a mechanic and you don’t need any specific tools. These kits come with full installation instructions to guide you through the step-by-step process.

Led lights are more lasting and saves you the cost on regular replacing of bulbs. Led lights are more efficient and give out stronger light than the traditional light. They are definitely cheaper in the long run and safer to use.

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