Life is unpredictable, and you may never know what may happen to you the next moment. Given the uncertainty associated with life and health, overall, it is prudent to ensure that you have some backup to help you during medical emergencies.

Hence, investing in general health insurance may not be good enough. If you are hit by diseases such as cancers, strokes which need special care, your entire expenses won’t be covered by your insurance provider, and you may have to pay on your own.

In such a situation, you may consider opting for a critical illness insurance cover to provide enough coverage for you and your family against serious diseases.

What is a critical illness policy?

The critical illness policy offers you a lump sum amount when you are diagnosed with a disease of grave nature. One should not consider it as the alternative to the basic health insurance. It is because it is add-on coverage to your typical insurance coverage. One of the biggest critical illness insurance benefits is that it pays you an assured sum of money once you get diagnosed with a serious injury.

Vital things to consider before buying the critical illness insurance

  • Keep your existing situation in mind

The first thing that you need to consider before buying the critical illness insurance is the family structure that you have. Your age, the dependents, especially the ageing parents and senior citizens should also be considered. It is because senior citizens and ageing parents also need extra coverage for grave diseases. Also, you need to choose the critical illness insurance plan as per the size of your family. You should also opt for a critical insurance cover only that suits your needs and do not hamper the other needs of your family.

  • Keep your existing health condition in mind

Another thing worth considering while buying the best critical illness insurance India plan is your health condition. If you are a smoker, have a hectic work life, you may be vulnerable to diseases in the future. Thus, you may need to begin early so that you may have fewer hassles to confront. On the other hand, being a smoker may also lead to a higher premium payment. You should also consider the family’s history of diseases that you may be susceptible to in the future.

  • Choose a plan that offers comprehensive coverage

You should also try to opt for a plan that offers you comprehensive coverage. There are many service providers that you can consider, and one of them is none other than the Bajaj Allianz critical illness plan. While opting for a comprehensive critical illness policy, you should not act in haste, and read the terms of the policy.

The Bottom Line

A critical illness insurance policy provides the much needed extra layer to your health insurance plan considering what life may throw at you. Thus, consider the discussed critical illnesscover buying tips before investing and live peacefully!

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