A team of a husband and wife founded EBEL in the year 1911. They combined their initials Eugene Blum et Alice Levy, to form the unique brand name. The brand believes in bringing innovation to watches, and they have been doing this since 1921 when they launched their first watch. EBEL offers a variety of sophisticated women’s watches with its strong female designs.

The brand is famous for its iconic bracelet which features a distinct wave shaped link. Let’s review some unique features of this stylish watch to see if it is the right watch for you, with help from SoVogue.ch.

The latest EBEL X-1 watch is a supremely stylish polished black ceramic crafted timepiece with stainless steel. These features provide it with a luxuriouslook. The EBEL-X1 is not just a timepiece to carry on your wrist, but a fashion piece to complement your style.

The dark case juxtaposition and waved bracelet with an aggregate of 71 diamonds fixed in the bezel crown and on the dial offers your watch an eye-catching shimmer. This particular collection is targeting fashionable working women who are looking for a watch that communicates professionalism and style.

The first thing I noticed when taking a look at the Ebel X1 was the dial of the watch. The brand has decided to step out of their comfort zone by ditching conventional designs in favor of a bold new offering.

Talking about the specifications of the watch, it is fitted with fifteen tiny stones which decorate the small setting crown, and there are also eight more diamonds that adorn the matt black face of the timepiece. You will notice thatthe Arabic numerals at 4, 8 and 12 o’clock look a little larger than the rest of the numbers to give a triangular impact to set the watch apart from other styles. What I like about the watch is the comfort and style that it offers, and the sheer glamour and joy in wearing such an extravagant watch. It is certainly a talking point when people notice you wearing it.

If you think this is the time piece for you, then why not head over to Sovogue.ch, or if you are German speaking, here is the link for you to access – EbelDamen Uhr.


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