Waikiki Beach is located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in the city of Honolulu. It stretches along two miles of the Pacific Ocean. It is argued that this beach is the number one thing to see in all of Oahu. Before you hit the sands of Waikiki, you should know there are many things to see and do besides soak up the sun along this famous beach. The top six Waikiki Beach activities are:

1. Snorkeling

Some areas of Waikiki Beach are better suited for snorkeling than others. Queens Beach is one option. A channel was made about 100 feet from the shoreline. Once you get to it, there will be fish swimming up and down it. The channel is not quite 10 feet deep in places. Visibility is best at low tide and during calm seas.

In addition to Queens Beach, Sans Souci Beach offers reefs. As you swim out, you will hit a reef, and the water over the reefs will be only three feet or so deep. Some areas may be too deep for visibility, but much of it is relatively shallow. To get from one end of the beach to the other, it is recommended that you take the Waikiki Trolley.

2. Beach volleyball

If you venture off the crowded areas of Waikiki Beach, you can find wide-open spots of sand set up for beach volleyball. Some of the best locations are the sandy areas right in front of Fort DeRussy Park. The park is scattered with picnic tables and palm trees, and it unfolds right out onto the beach. Along with volleyball nets, there is a playground and swing sets for kids and freestanding workout equipment for body-weight training.

3. Take Surfing Lessons

Many companies along the Waikiki Beach will give private or group surf lessons, and almost all age groups are welcome to join. When you take a surfing lesson, you will learn how to get on and off the board and how to catch a wave. Looking inland from out on your surfboard, you will get to see how vast and beautiful Waikiki Beach is.

4. Canoeing

If you are not up to surfing, canoeing is a great alternative to get out in the water and see the island. Canoe surfing, as it is often referred to in Hawaii, is like surfing because you still get to ride the mighty waves of the Pacific Ocean but from the comfortable canoe. It is a fun, wet ride with lots of paddling. Tours are sold at various kiosks on the beach.

5. Watch a Movie

At the end of a long day at Waikiki Beach, you can still find things to so. You can watch a movie on the giant screen located at the Queen’s Beach area of Waikiki. The 30-foot screen displays featured films on weekends. There are plenty of food vendors and some chairs provided.

6. Catch a Sunset

Some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see will be off Waikiki Beach setting into the blue ocean. Researchers have studied the sunsets and note some of the reasons they are so stunning in Hawaii are because of the volcanic ash in the sky, Hawaii’s global positioning, and the way the sun breaks at that particular horizon.

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