SMS – the revolutionary Short Message Service, is undoubtedly one feature that changed the world of portable telephones and mobile telephones alike. SMS revolutionised communication and today, this nifty feature can be the stepping stone to changing businesses for the best. 

It is natural one might wonder after reading the title, ‘but SMS is so last century’ – but here’s where that’s wrong. This article will explain why SMS can help boost corporates, business, events and even provide engagement with clients.

Many new businesses tend to shy away from seemingly ‘old time’ strategies like the sms portal while some others simply do not know how to send sms from websites to achieve a larger reach. Here’s how turning to sms will be beneficial along with a few tips on how to get started.

Let’s talk about stats. One would think reaching out to the general audience through e-mail would be more effective- this has never been so wrong. Quite agreeably, an email requires an average person at least 90 minutes to respond to. Compare that to an SMS, the reader would need an average of less than 90 seconds! This invariable also means that readers tend to check their SMS faster than e-mails, in fact, most sms on average, are read  within almost 3 seconds after being received. From there, the next logical outcome is the number of final readers which is 98% on average. This means that for every 100 readers, a guaranteed 98 of them will read SMS sent by one’s business, that is how effective SMS is.

If that does not sound convincing enough, according to several sources, in the smart-phone users pool, 94% of them still use SMS apps to send texts.

Furthermore, bulk-sms is wallet-friendly and also intensely effective with what is gathered above. An added bonus is that all these readers require is a cell phone tower and signal- no internet or data required. The 160 per text character limit also keeps readers’ attention and also works even if networks are busy due to its small size.

Now one might wonder how to make the best of this service. This guide will help cover the bases to choose what a business might require for maximum marketability through bulk sms.

It is important to analyse the medium through which a business would like to communicate to the audience. Most corporates prefer to use the personal computer as their first option. PCs use a myriad of software and websites to send bulk sms. In order to best suit the company’s and network’s requirements, it is important to go through the software and website’s terms and fine print. This will provide important information that one needs to keep in mind while using their services.

Bulk SMS has an immense readability and is a very effective marketing tool when used correctively and in an attention-grabbing manner. If one is looking to expand their business or gain a considerable amount of turnout for their events, SMS is the way to go.

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