Goa is a tourism paradise with countless options for travelers of all age groups. Here in Goa, you can languish amidst the lush green plantations during the day and head to the nearest beach for a warm setting during the evening. Known for its limitless variety in the nightlife, Goa offers a mouth-watering mix of urban and rustic lifestyle together. The 4 Star resorts in Goa are part of this very urban-rural setting where you can settle in with a kingly feeling.

At a 4-star resort in Goa, you would be glad to start the day in the lap of nature, nestled very close to a beach or a plantation. Most tourists also juggle their business activities with their adventure and vice versa. 50% of corporate tourists head to 4 Star resorts in Goa for business brunch, conferences,and meetings.

Here are interesting things you could do close to a 4 Star resort in Goa that makes your stay cozy, enjoyable and comfortable.

Dolphin Sighting

Dolphins are a very important part of the marine ecosystem in Goa. You can find Dolphins during a particular season of the year when they head to five-six beaches in Goa. Most 4 Star resorts in Goa offer guides on when to go to find the dolphins hopping through the waves in Goan beaches, including the ones that are very popular among tourists. For example, Coco and Palolem beach have always been famous for their dolphin sightings.


Another fun activity that you can do close to the luxurious 4 Star resort in Goa is snorkeling. Mostly guided by trained scuba divers and snorkeling experts, this activity is available for kids above the age of 14, under the supervision of the parents. If you like to stay close to nature and watch marine ecosystem and corals in the Arabian Sea from a close range, Goa is the place to be. 4 Star Goa resorts could guide you to specific discount deals on snorkeling activities even during peak seasons.


Plan a romantic myriad honeymoon or escapade getaway with your sweetheart in Goa. 4 Star resorts in Goa provide secluded cottages and hut-styled suites to honeymooners during the non-rainy seasons. The special cottages, called flotillas are gaining massive popularity among the tourists. These are floating hotels on the river and shallow seas on non-rocky shores. The flotillas are available for a night stay where you can spend time watching the open sparkling sky in the middle of the water.

Pubs and Discos

Where do you head to hit the ‘freak’ button in Goa and let your spirits loose? Well, that’s a casino and pub territory you could be hinting at. Yes, 4 Star Goa resorts lined close to North Goa are famous for their proximity to the legendary nightlife dens. Casinos, pubs, discos and electronic amphitheaters are located in North Goa, mostly in Calangute, and Aguada side.

If you like to spend the night rollicking in music and dance, Goa’s 4 Star resorts won’t disappoint you.

Once you are in 4 Star resorts of Goa, the real fun of adventure begins.

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