Phuket is famous for its busy markets, crazy nightlife and packed beaches, but when you are looking for a fun-filled day without the crowds of tourists, it can be hard to decide where to go.  However, Phuket has plenty of hidden gems still waiting to be discovered by locals and tourists alike.  Here are just four of the best.

Feed and Bath Elephants

If you are looking for a unique experience that also helps to give back to the local community, look no further than the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.  Known as the most ethical elephant Thailand-based sanctuary, the guides here use the money raised from donations to rescue, feed, and care for the elephants in Phuket.  When you book a tour here, you will be able to feed, play, and swim with the elephants with a photographer on hand to capture those special moments at no extra charge.  You can spend half a day, a whole day, or even an overnight stay for a perfect fun-filled getaway.

Enjoy Fine Dining with a Sea View

A little-known restaurant named Pha Chom Tawan Kamala is a real hidden treasure.  Nestled in the lush greenery of the hills of Patong and Kamala, this dining establishment offers an extensive choice of seafood and traditional Thai dishes.  As it is not the easiest place to get to, you won’t find many tourists here.  Add to that the fact that it overlooks the hidden beaches of Yae and Nakalay, and you’ve got the perfect setting for a romantic meal out.

Visit a Mangrove Forest by Kayak

The Tha Chat Chai Mangrove Forest comprises of magnificent saltwater swamps and sandy beaches that can be reached by kayak from Sai Kaew Beach.  A lot of people may simply drive past this attraction as the entrance looks nothing more than an official government office.  However, if you book ahead, you can tour with an experienced guide either by foot or by kayak.  There is plenty to learn about this unique ecosystem, which is home to millions of different plants and marine animals.

Discover Hidden Beaches

When you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach but all the usual spots are packed with tourists in peak season, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your plans!  There are plenty of hidden beaches dotted around Phuket, and you will find them if you are willing to go the extra mile.  One particular beach that can be reached after a 15-minute adventurous bike ride, is Freedom Beach.  Riding through the hills of Patong, you will need to abandon your bike to head down some narrow steps that open out into the most tranquil beach with crystal clear water and beautiful white sand.  Don’t be surprised if you find that you are the only one there, as this one really is a hidden secret of Phuket!

There are plenty more hidden gems just waiting to be found; you just have to venture a bit further off the beaten track to find them!

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