Phu Quoc used to be known as a hidden gem in the Gulf of Thailand. The Vietnamese island isn’t only extremely beautiful, but also very well-preserved. The reason behind that is the fact that the majority of this island is in the Phu Quoc National Park.

Phu Quoc may have be a hidden gem before, but it is now one of the most visited travel destinations in the area. This is the place you want to visit for a truly memorable adventure. When you do visit the island, here are five activities and things you don’t want to miss.

White Sand Beaches

The beaches in Phu Quoc are one of a kind. There are a lot of white sandy beaches in the world, but the ones on this island are indeed special. The sand, for example, has a finer texture. The water is warm, and the weather is perfect all year round. On top of that, there are interesting things to find, such as the large population of red starfish found on Rach Vem Beach.

Plenty of Hiking Trails

As mentioned before, most of Phu Quoc is a national park. The island is perfect for those who love taking long walks and going on hiking and camping trips. There are several hiking trails to try here, including trails designed for advanced hikers who want more challenges.

You can have your own adventure while absorbing Phu Quoc’s natural beauty. At the end of the hike, you always have the best Phu Quoc island hotel ready to provide you with luxury amenities and indulging services.

Island 2.0

Phu Quoc may be known for its natural beauty, but that doesn’t mean it is an island without technology; far from it, actually. Phu Quoc is recognized as one of the most modern destinations in the world. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the island, hence the Island 2.0 recognition.

The biggest city on the island, Duong Dong, is also home to top restaurants, great shops, and a lively nightlife. In fact, there are more direct flights to the island as a result of its growing popularity among younger travelers.

More Islands to Explore

You also have the chance to explore other islands near Phu Quoc while you are here. Many smaller islands near Phu Quoc can be reached by boat. The most popular of them all is Hon Xuong, an inhibited island that makes a perfect day-trip destination.

You also have Hon Thom, which is the second biggest island in the area. It will soon be a marine park, but there is one other reason why you want to visit the island now…

The Cable Cars

That reason is the cable car system connecting the island of Hon Thom with Phu Quoc. It is currently the longest oversea cable car in the world. The journey takes 15 minutes and you have the majestic view of the area keeping you entertained the whole time.

Of course, there is a long list of other things to try on your next trip to Phu Quoc. The five we discussed in this article will get you started with planning your own Phu Quoc itinerary right away.

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